Stash Dive!!!

Since it is Sunday, Mother’s Day, I am a little late in getting this post out. First though, I’d like to wish my mom and all the moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 I am so thankful to have such wonderful moms in my life!

Stash dive you say? Whatever could that be??? Well, it’s a venture into my stash. I know my stash is not as big as some, but I love it. It’s been growing for about 5 years and I do try to venture into the stash before I start a new project to see if I can find something to use first. The problem is my stash is for ME! Whenever I buy yarns that end up in my stash, I buy them because I like them. It’s a very selfish hoard. That may  be more descriptive than “stash.”

So this Sunday I’m going to highlight a solo skein I’ve had for a while: Jade Sapphire’s Lacey Lamb in Doubloon.

lacey lamb

It’s a lace weight 100% wool yarn. It has 825 yards or 754 meters. I bought this on a trip to St. Louis visiting family. Of course, I had to slip on over to Knitorious just to check it out. They had such a big selection of all types of beautiful yarns. I have only been once and would love to go back! I bought this skein because of the color and the soft, lofty feeling it has. I love all colors, especially rich ones. I have a hard time choosing a favorite and tend go through color phases. I bought this on a sunny kick. I think I also bought some Berroco Pure Pima for this Awesome Shawl in a Mustard color.

pima 1 pima 2

Anyway, the challenge with this lovely Lacey Lamb is what to do with it! So, I turned to Ravelry. Here are my top 5 ideas so far:
1. Knitterjenny’s E t h e r e a l top–I love the light, airiness of this knit. Her post says 1 skein is enough…
2. lismete’s Castello Scarf–The textured pattern on this is wowowowowow! I bet in the Lacey Lamb it’s like a cloud!
3. JuleeQue’s Third Time’s a Charm Stole–The texture on this is gorgeous and I think it would be beautiful in the gold color.
4. yellowbird’s Ready to Go Shawl–The lace pattern is a beautiful texture and it looks easy enough to memorize.
5. Failli’s Bridesmaid Shawl–This looks lovely. I think the stockinette section in this would be a relief to knit after the edging.

In an effort to get this out before the end of the day, I’m going to go ahead and post. On a final note, I’m sure you have yarns in your stash you bought for you. I’m curious what draws you to those yarns? When you choose to buy a skein for you, with no project in mind, what are the factors? Color? Fiber? General Flurfy-ness?


v’s & bumps,


2 thoughts on “Stash Dive!!!

  1. Stash diving now and again always turns up surprising forgotten gems, doesn’t it? The Lacey Lamb looks (and I bet, feels) like a treasure!

    I will always, always be drawn to a sleek, richly colored laceweight, knowing that I will find something to knit with it at some point or another. The epitome of selfish yarn buying for me, though, was a skein of 65/35 cashmere/silk, the softest thing I’ve ever touched, dyed in the most beautiful blues and greens imaginable. I still haven’t decided what to do with it!

    1. OOOOOOOhhhhhh! Cashmere & Silk blend? I can only imagine that would feel like the softest, tiniest kitten or baby bird or bunny or goat or some other fluffy little creature. And dyed in such rich colors? I would also have a hard time deciding it’s fate…I also think that some yarn should remain in the skein just so I can pet it 🙂 until I can replace it with something softer and prettier and fluffier…Thanks for sharing Kaiya!

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