5KCBWDay4&5: Talks with Sherry & Flowers of warm weather

Man, this everyday blogging thing is tough! Originally when my husband came up with the idea I should start a blog, I thought I should blog everyday, but my Jordan said I should shoot for every other day. Man I’m glad I decided to go with his advice. But Knit & Crochet Blog Week is a special kind of every day crazy, so I’m cheating and doing 2 days at once. Here we go 🙂

Day 4: Conversations between workers.

I must admit when I first saw this topic, I thought my workers (needles, yarn, stitch markers, mini scissors, etc.) would have to talk to each other and I just wasn’t sure I was up for that kind of creativity. After reading a few other posts around the web and the directions again, I realized I would have the conversation with my worker. So, here we go.


Sherry: Hi! I’m Sherry the yarn cake maker. You may think I’m just a simple ball winder, but let’s be real here, I make the most beautiful yarn cakes. Sometimes Frank the swift helps, but I’m also pretty good on my own, maybe with the help of Penelope the yarn bowl. You can see us working “together” here.



Jenna went with a glamour shot here since she had already wound this ball of Aria.  I really am a beautiful girl and very helpful.

Jenna: Sherry, I really appreciate all your hard work with all the yarns I throw your way. I’m just curious, what is your favorite part of the job?

Sherry: Well my favorite thing about making yarn cake is the spinning around and around. I love it when you crank up my handle and I just go. It’s quite exciting to spin and spin! Then, all the sudden it stops and I have the most beautiful cake to give to you.

Jenna: Thanks Sherry for all you do. I look forward to working with you!

Day 5: Something a Bit Different

This post is supposed to be something different from my normal posting style. Since I’m relatively new to the blog scene, I’m still figuring out my style. But I’ll do something different.

Here are some of my favorite flowers I’ve come across on my neighborhood walks.


photo 1 (1)

photo 1

photo 2

See you tomorrow for another day of KCBW 2014


v’s & bumps,




2 thoughts on “5KCBWDay4&5: Talks with Sherry & Flowers of warm weather

  1. It sounds like you have the loveliest, friendliest ball winder! Don’t get on her bad side; I’ve heard stories from those who have angered their ball winders…

    Beautiful flowers! I love those tulips especially.

    1. Sherry is a sweetheart when she’s working on winding up something nice 🙂 I try to keep her happy, but my bank account tries to limit the amount of yarn Sherry comes into contact with. It’s nice to have her though, I never get things wound in the store anymore, just for the sheer pleasure of coming home to wind it myself. One of my favorite things about any project I start!

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