And then, he sheared the SHEEP!

MONDAY musing 2

This weekend was a busy one. I had to coach my last volleyball tournament with my 17 year old club team. AND there was the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival going on over in Lexington. Thankfully, we had the morning pool on Saturday and I dragged my darling husband the hour to Lex for the show. He was even charming enough to take a picture with me proving he attended!



He even smiled. What a charmer 🙂 He had no idea he was in for 2 hours of “Ooooooh! You need to touch this! Feel this!! Please!! It’s so soft…mmm.” He was a great sport and we visited a local brewery for a few tasty beers afterwards as a semi-reward for his yarn-tolerance.

The weather was gorgeous and the festival was indoor/outdoor. Many of the booths were set up in an exhibit hall/barn and there were sheep and alpaca and llamas and goats outside. Let’s start indoors…

My first purchase was from the Unplanned Peacock Studio. You can visit them here. It is run by this darling wife & husband duo from their home in Virginia. The “primary artisan who dyes all the yarn” Natasha has created some truly beautiful colorways. I had a hard time reigning myself in and only purchasing 2 skeins of Shimmer. It’s a 50/50 Silk & Merino blend…mmmm, so soft! Enough words, you want to see!! I’ll try some of my new photography techninques, ie. change the background/location.

First up is Shimmer in the Seagull colorway.


Then some more Shimmer in Sparrow colorway.


Don’t they play so nice together?

IMG_0950 IMG_0953

After that first purchase, there were so many other lovely booths, but I was trying to reign it all in. I was stopping at each booth and petting each skein of yarn. I finally made it to the Empty Pockets Alpaca Farm booth. You can visit them here. The young lady, Nancy, was so helpful. She showed me their range of yarns that came from each of their alpacas. Even better, their cute little faces and names are on the yarn labels.

I bought 2 skeins of sport weight. The first is a 2 ply yarn from 2 different alpacas: Falene & Pepper.


The second skein also sport weight from Calvin & Marzipan.


I love alpaca yarn. It’s so warm and has such a beautiful halo. Jordan picked out the Falene & Pepper skein so he may be wearing a scarf (if I have enough yards) this coming winter made from those cute little guys. Here are my two skeins together. Brother and Sis discovered the Falene & Pepper skein and decided to take it out for a little play time while we were gone Sunday. Thankfully, it was unharmed albeit a little messy when I twisted it back up. Nothing a little visit from Frank the Swift & Sherry the Ballwinder Yarn Cake Maker can’t fix.


My last stop at the booths was at The Unique Sheep. They had some really beautiful choices. All gradient kits, hand dyed to match. So gorgeous. By that time, I was overloaded and couldn’t make a decision so I took a business card. When I can put my head back on, finish a few projects, and deplete the stash a tad, I’ll visit their website for a purchase or two…You can do that now right here. I’m warning you, it’s a dangerous place for yarn stashers.

Not only were there booths of yarn and notion vendors, there was so much roving and fleece and fiber…it was a relief not to be a spinner (yet) or I may have walked away thoroughly bankrupt.

We did wander out to the barn with all the animals to see a young man shearing a sheep. It. Was. Awesome. The sheep was totally relaxed. He didn’t bleat or anything. He just allowed the guy to shear him.

IMG_0920 IMG_0921 IMG_0922 IMG_0923

The amazing thing was when it was all over, the sheep was so calm. It was just hanging out, leaning on this guy’s leg while he answered all the questions.

IMG_0924 IMG_0925

These are all the other sheep waiting to be sheared.


Some cool things I learned from the sheep shearing:
1. Staple length of sheep fiber is 2.5 inches.
2. The finer the fiber, the higher the quality. It’s all about the Microns.
3. How old does a sheep have to be before he can be sheared? It’s not about the age of the sheep but about the length of the fleece.

I had a great time at the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival. I only spent about 2 hours there, and I’m sure I could have spent more time and money, but I feel like I learned some and got to see and feel some wonderful fiber.


One last picture of some darling alpaca babies. Hopefully with the warm weather, you will get a chance to attend a festival or two. What is your favorite thing to do at fiber festivals? Do you have a favorite purchase? Is there something you always look for at festivals?

Thanks for reading!


v’s & bumps,


3 thoughts on “And then, he sheared the SHEEP!

    1. Thanks Britney! I think he had an ok time. 🙂 It was fun to see his face as I pulled him through the festival. It was small and local, but definitely a must see. I hope you can make it to one 🙂
      Thanks for the nomination! I just saw your post and I’m excited!

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