Liebster Award!!


Britney over at Bapsicrafts nominated me for a Liebster Award. Yay! Thank you!! I figured since it was a Free-For-All Friday, now would be a good time to get this post out there. Here is how it works:

1. Post 11 random facts about myself
2. Answer 11 questions the awarding blogger has asked
3. Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers, add their links to this post,
and let them know that they have been nominated
4. Create 11 questions the nominated blogs have to answer

11 Random Facts:

1.Since middle school, I’ve kept a handwritten journal and still do to this day. There is something so satisfying about filling a blank, lined page with writing in a heavy black ink. I can really only write in black ink, something about blue makes my skin crawl. I think its the blue ink next to the blue lines on the paper.
2. I have a fear of bending back my finger & toe nails and therefore keep them super short. I don’t even like to see the white endings.
3. I ❤ tie-dye.
4. Wearing mascara makes my eyelashes hurt. I can only ever wear if for maybe an evening, but by the end of it, my eyes are begging me to take it off.
5. My feet determine my body temperature. If my feet are hot, I am hot. If my feet are cold, I put on some hand knit socks 🙂
6. Brother & Sister cat were not originally named Brother & Sister. When I got them, I was living with a roommate from Hawaii and was inspired to name them something Hawaiian: Kai & Malu. I didn’t use those names very much and they answered to Brother or Big Man & Sister or Sis or Sissy, so their names were unofficially changed.
7. I organize my hanging clothes in my closet by sleeve-length.
8. I do not tolerate strong smells. It doesn’t matter if the smell is good or bad, if I can get away from it or neutralize it, I will. Otherwise, I get head ache that makes my teeth and my nose hurt. I even go as far as to not wearing perfume myself.
9. I do wear sunscreen everyday 🙂
10. In my book, cheese goes with almost anything. Strangest cheese mash-up: apple slices on ritz crackers with peanut butter and slices of cheddar cheese.
11. I cannot handle chalk. I cannot handle people writing on a chalkboard near me, and forget about me having to write on a chalkboard. I don’t even like to touch chalk. It’s another one of those situations that  make my teeth hurt.

Bapsicrafts’ questions for nominated blogs
Where has most of your yarn been purchased? I think most of my yarn has been purchased at McNeedles yarn shop in Lacombe, Louisiana. I have had the pleasure of traveling a lot to see friends and coach volleyball, so I try to make a stop at a LYS when I’m out of town. This also helps to enhance the stash with treasures from all over the country.
Do you have a favorite knitting designer? Who are they? I have knit things from all sorts of designers, but I tend to go back to the Purl Soho’s website the Purl Bee most often. I love Laura’s Loop & Whit Knits. I think I’ve knit the most things from there. I love that their designs are usually simple and timeless.
Where do you like to knit the most? I like to knit the most in group settings. I’ve found some neat groups in here in Louisville that meet up regularly. There is just something about “stitchin’ & bitchin” with a group of people. I usually end up knitting on my couch with my kitties and my husband.
What is your current favorite song? Jason Aldean’s “When She Says Baby” I just love a good country song, especially since Summer is coming.
What was the best adventure you’ve ever had? I would have to say my favorite adventure was the week of my wedding. I was able to start the week off with my best girl friends on the beach for my bachelorette party end end the week married to my best friend.
What type of knitting/crochet project have you queued or faved the most on Ravelry? Neckwear: cowls and scarves.
If you could only read one book or book series for the rest of your life, which would you choose? I don’t think I can pick a book or series, but I can pick an author: Tamora Pierce. Yes, it’s YA but it’s so well written about strong female characters with a little magic mixed in.
What is the strangest place you’ve crafted? I have knitted in a number of places and I try to always keep my knitting with me. I got some very strange looks when I took it to a bar to watch a football game and have drinks/dinner with my husband. I’ve also taken it on school field trips to museums and once to a Ice Hockey game.
Are you an early-bird or a night-owl? Something in between? I’m naturally an early bird and once I’m up, I’m up and ready to go. I can sleep in though if I stay up late enough doing some crazy project or going out with friends.
What is one post on your blog that you think everyone should read? My very first post on this blog. That way you know what I’m about 🙂
Recommend your favorite restaurant or cafe in your town! My very favorite meal is breakfast (maybe a characteristic of the early bird) and here in Louisville, Kentucky I love going to Wild Eggs…there are so many delicious options like the Surfer Girl omelette with cream cheese, avocado, pico de gallo, and alfalfa sprouts to their delicious french toast made with sourdough bread. MMMMMMMMmmmmmm not to mention the grits of the day and their fresh squeezed orange juice.

The 11 nominated blogs

1. Amanda at Amanda’sCraftStories
2. Holly at Sillylittlelady’s Space
3. Kristie at North of 49
4. Meg at Knit+Frills+Food=Love
5. Bonnie at Windy Wonderings
6. Steph at Woolythyme

Yeah, I know that’s 6, but everyone else is already nominated on other blogs or has too many followers 🙂

Here are my 11 questions
What is the best name you’ve ever given to someone, something: like a pet or a child or a project
Are you right or left handed? Do you wish it were the opposite?
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
What is your favorite junk food or dessert or treat?
What is the most frequent color you craft with?
If there were only one fiber or fiber blend you had to use the rest of your life, what would it be?
Do you prefer cold weather or hot weather?
Do you block your finished projects?
Do you plan out your blogposts in advance?
What is one life skill you wish you were better at?
What inspired you to start a blog?

Whew! That was hard work! and very word heavy. 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend, I’ll see you Sunday for a Stash Dive!!!


v’s & bumps,


PS. As a reward for making it to the end, here is a lovely shot of my darlings:
IMG_0947 IMG_0949

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