Will-power? What will-power??

MONDAY musing 2

So I realize that this is a little later in the day than my normal post, but employees are slim at work and I’ve picked up a LOT of hours. I want to talk about 2 awesome things today. The first has nothing to do with the title, and I figure if you make it through that, then you can learn about my lack of will-power…

To start with, can I just say how AWESOME Skacel is??? They are the distributor of Addi needles here in the US. Let me start by saying that I am a firm believer in different projects calling for different needles, like slippery yarns may need the stickiness of wooden needles and sticky yarns may need the slippery metal needles. I have needles of all sorts, most bought at the same time as yarn for certain projects (come on, you know you can’t always go home and comb through your needle stash whenever inspiration strikes!!).

I like using Addi Clicks for projects. In fact, my Never-Ending First Project is on some delightful Addi Clicks. My only unhappiness with Addi came when I bought the brass-coated Lace points. In 2 previous posts, I have talked about how my needles acquired a strange, brassy smell and were giving me green fingertips when held for too long. I sent them back to Skacel and they explained that it has to do with the pH in my skin and that is why it they have acted they way that they have. My troubles with them have been of my own doing, and that is actually wonderful to hear, especially since several people commented that they love their Addi Lace Points and haven’t had a problem. So never fear, it is a user error 🙂

Long story short, Skacel is sending me replacements that are nickel-coated called the Addi Rockets. I’m excited to get them and try them out, especially since I may have acquired more sock yarn.

This brings me to the lack of will power part.

madtosh sock fireside

Say hello to madelinetosh tosh sock in Fireside. She’s gorgeous. I couldn’t resist. Welcome to will-power yarn diet fail #1. I can visit her in my stash and so can you (online here). I was at a WWKIP (world wide knit in public) day event on Saturday at Sophie’s Yarn in Louisville when a knitter walked out with this skein. She sat next to me and HAND-WOUND the thing into a nice little ball. Then, she started a sock. It started out so awesome. The colors. The pooling (in the best way). Then she had to leave and I had to go in and by a skein.

What’s worse? I broke the yarn diet on the Thursday before I was tempted by the sock. I came across this post on Nice & Knit’s blog called Summer Sweater 2014 Knit Along.  So I was completely captivated by the Whispers sweater.

I went to Ravelry. I bought it. Then I tried to look in my stash for yarn, but nothing I have has enough yardage for the sweater. So I went to Sophie’s and I bought this:

rowan fine art 1

It’s Rowan’s Fine Art. It’s super soft and made of wool, mohair, polyamide, and silk. I think the blend will give it an airiness and a drape that will really fit the sweater. And if you look really close, it says, “Make me in to a sweater!!!” See???

rowan fine art2

At least I did cast on my gauge swatch for the sweater yesterday the official start of the SSKAL. If you’d like to participate or check it out, here is a link to their blog Nice & Knit and a link to the Ravelry Page.

The bad news is that I did break down and buy a little yarn. The good news is that I’m using some of it!! And the Summer Sweater Knit Along has a deadline . We shall see!!

Are you knitting anything for the summer?


v’s & bumps,


10 thoughts on “Will-power? What will-power??

  1. Doesn’t it always seem that as soon as one embarks on a yarn diet, all of these KNIT ME NOW yarns and patterns start throwing themselves in one’s path? You’re paying it forward, too – the Whispers sweater has me in its grasp now too!

    Hand-winding yarn is actually pretty easy, and a very convenient skill to have when one isn’t in easy range of a ballwinder. It takes a long time, but in return you get to enjoy your first introduction to the yarn in a very leisurely, immediate and tactile way. I highly recommend it!

    1. I’m excited to see your Whispers sweater!!! Let me know when you cast on!

      I am going to have to try a little hand-winding. Maybe with a skein with less yardage than sock yarn. I’m telling you, watching the lady sitting next to me carefully hand-wind her sock yarn just made me want it that much more. It might be good to give my ball winder and switch a little break.

    1. I try to buy with projects in mind, but sometimes I just get so caught up in the fluffiness or the squishiness or the brightness of the colors. Then I get so excited I cast-on immediately and have too many WIPs going. I think that’s how I got into the situation I’m in right now 🙂

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