Itching Fingers to CAST ON!!!!


Do you have those days where you just want to cast on something new? Ok, how about a week? Yes? That’s where I am. My fingers are literally itching to start knitting something new. Since I finished my baby blanket and the Follow Your Arrow shawl, I can’t stop combing Ravelry.

So far, I’ve whipped up 2 hats. One for my niece Nora and one for my nephew Will. I saw this yarn at Hearthstone Knits here in St. Louis. It’s Schachenmayr Lumio. So cool that it has a reflector strand running through it and the yarn is so bright and fun!!!


I cast on 36 stitches on size US 13, did a little 2×2 ribbing with an improvised pattern. I like the swirl in the pink and I was going for zigzags in the blue.


They just need a few finishing touches, like ends woven in and a pompom on top!

Whispers is coming along. S.L.O.W.L.Y. I guess that’s what happens when you are working with sock weight yarn on size US 6 needles…250 stitches. Stockinette. For 7 inches. It’s a fantastic mindless knit.


Did I mention my fingers were itching?? And Ravelry is tempting me? So are all the other blogs I read…


And then there is the WIP trunk…


I did work on Jordan’s Cozy Warm Man scarf some that has been hibernating for a while. I really love the Mountain Colors.


Maybe if I just cast on the Technicolor Socks I frogged a while ago from the needles I wasn’t in love with…I did get a fun new pattern to try them with called the Show-Off Stranded Socks. I’m trying them on the size US 0 needles that are only 9 inches in diameter for the Technicolor Socks Take 2.


And I love this Marigold Slouch pattern. I really want to start it…I already have the yarn and the pattern is free. Maybe if I just wind it up into a ball, I can start that too?

vintage gold

Also, I realized this is a WIP Wednesday post and it’s Thursday…whoooooops 🙂


v’s & bumps,


PS. Linking up with Tami at Tami’s Ami’s & Nicole at Frontier Dreams!

6 thoughts on “Itching Fingers to CAST ON!!!!

  1. I was totally convinced that today was Wednesday, and couldn’t tell why you thought you were posting late. (There are people coming over on Saturday, and I have to get the whole house clean before then, and… I’m still convinced that today is Wednesday. :P)

    I say cast on all the things! You can have different projects to suit different circumstances – mindless TV knit, compact travel knit, etc. There’s definitely still room in your WIP trunk! Also I find it funny that Whispers seems so slow to you. Size 6 needles are the biggest I’ve used in quite some time, and mine seems to be flying along compared to all my other WIPs!

    1. Wednesday, Thursday, whatever! I’m grateful today is Thursday since I have the next 2 days off!! Good luck getting everything ready for your guests!

      I will cast on all the things!! 🙂 The WIP trunk will always have room…and I was so impressed to see your Whispers coming along! Yours certainly is flying!! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. I thought yesterday was Friday all day long…..and now I get to do it all over again today! 🙂 Hmmm. I like the WIP trunk idea! Mine are stuck in baskets…I guess that’s sort of the same thing. I see where you are in a dilemma…..I had to add a couple of those great patterns to my favorites list!!! For some strange reason I’ve been rather monogamous lately. So unlike me!!!! (and I’m really really really DONE—mentally—with this project, but have miles to actually go.)

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