You know what I am?

A Slacker. That’s what I am…on the blogging front, but not on the knitting front! Since I haven’t been writing here, I have been knitting my little fingers to the bone. Along with traveling, and I even picked a book back up! I know, scandalous!


In case you’ve noticed it is not Friday, but I have avoided the stash dive this week because I need to work on the projects I have and the stash dive gets my fingers itching to start something new 🙂

First, let me tell you a little about my trip. First I got to meet my niece! Payton Elizabeth. So. Stinkin’. Cute!!!

photo 3 (6)

And She looked so good in my blanket 🙂

photo 2 (6)

I got to hold her and love on her.


And here is my brother the proud papa!



They went to the doctor on Tuesday just before her 2 week old mark and she’s already surpassed her birth weight. She is a healthy little eater and did I mention she’s cute!!??!!

The visit wasn’t all baby holding, I did help my favorite knitting bud get her stash and projects onto Ravelry. My mom was pretty inspired that I keep my Ravelry page updated with my yarns and projects (speaking of, I have a few skeins to add) that she wanted my help to sort her projects and get them into an organized system. I almost convinced her to get her own yarn cabinet, but she doesn’t have any where to put it. yet.

I helped her take pictures of her projects. This should look familiar


It’s the Momma Daughter KAL, but my Mom’s version. Here’s the link to her project.


She is coming along. My mom also had some really cool projects started. 23 total that she considered WIPs even though there were like 5 or 6 that weren’t started but had the yarn and pattern paired together. I don’t know how she has resisted starting those, but she has. It was fun playing with her yarn! And I know she loves having it organized.

Here are a few more of her project pictures. If you’d like to see more of what my mom is working on, head on over to her rav project page here.

IMG_1294 IMG_1296 IMG_1300 IMG_1302

Have you helped someone else get organized with their yarn before?


v’s & bumps,





6 thoughts on “You know what I am?

  1. I haven’t helped anyone organize their knitting. I can barely keep myself organized! I only have one or two WIPS at a time, but I tend to throw leftovers from finished things or swatching into a basket until the basket is full, and then put everything away when I’m so frustrated that I can’t find any needles!

  2. I’ve been quite the blog slacker also! But I just posted as well now I’m seeing what the rest of you have been up to!
    You’ve been very productive! That’s great. It will lead to more posts! (wink)
    The baby is adorable auntie!
    Your friend is probably very excited to join the world of Ravelry! Great friend you are for helping her get organized and photographed!

  3. Congratulations to your new niece and her parents! I’ve never organized other people’s stash/projects before, but I have occasionally untangled other people’s skeins of yarn in exchange for rides – not really the same thing at all. Going through your mother’s stash must have been quite the experience!

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