I just love it. That’s all.


Every time I pick up my needles, I just love it. I am still feeling the KNIT ALL THE THINGS bug! I just want to knit them all. Just is my favorite word today. It also helps that I love knitted items. I can’t keep my eyes off Ravelry and other blogs and I just want to cast on. Everything. 

I think that is not a bad thing. For one, it can help me support my local yarn shops I’ve been exploring here in St. Louis. I truly love the whole experience of going into a yarn shop; the stroking of the yarn, the ooooohing and aaaaaahing over the samples, and the general camaraderie of the people shopping and the people working. It’s like nothing else. If I could pull all the yarn off the shelves and pile it up and jump in like a pile of leaves and not get kicked out/banned for life, I would do it to every shop I ever walk into. So here is my one little pitch for LYS…

SHOP AT THEM!!!! DON’T JUST ORDER YOUR YARN ONLINE!! I know sometimes you can save money…but save the online ordering for an Etsy shop or if you are somewhere you can’t get yarn. If you can, GO INTO THE SHOPS! PET THE YARN! BASK IN THE RICH COLORS! SWAP STORIES WITH THE WORKERS & THE CUSTOMERS! ENJOY THE COMMUNITY! 

Alright! *steps off soapbox* 

On to the Works in Progress that are currently adorning my needles 🙂

First up: Whispers…This top is really coming along. I started the decreases for the waist shaping. I just adore the Rowan Fine Art I’m using. The color is just perfect. I should be knitting on this more so I can wear it. 


Next: Sunny Topper. I love the happy golden color and the cables are a cinch. I love that it’s on size 8s and just flying. I think I’ve got maybe 2 more cable repeats before the decreases start!


And: Cat Tails. I caved and started something new. Well, it was really because I signed up for a class/KAL at Knitorious here in St. Louis. I picked out some gorgeous Madeline Tosh Merino Light to knit up the Catkin Shawl by Carina Spencer. 


I think that about wraps up my active WIPs for now…who knows, maybe by next Wednesday, I’ll have something else I’m working on…


v’s & bumps,

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4 thoughts on “I just love it. That’s all.

  1. This very much reminded me that it’s time to visit my LYS again, it’s been such a long time. It’s easy to sometimes get carried away with the online shopping but I agree, it is so much nicer to actually see and stroke the yarn beforehand.

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