The Knit Nest

I’m not sure how the rest of you guys operate out there, but when I have some quality time to knit, I tend to create a Knit Nest. The perfect place to nestle in and just get those needles clicking.


I spread out. I’ve got projects everywhere. My laptop is within reach. My husband’s iPad is within reach. The remote is within reach…everything you could really need for a night of knitting.

I know there has been some blog silence this past week. This is mostly due to all the knitting I’ve been doing. I am trying to spend more time knitting than online. When I find that I have limited time to do either one or the other, I try to actually knit πŸ™‚

Since today is Sunday, I also wanted to share a little stash dive.

Let’s check out this awesome braid I got a Rainbow Fibres in Germantown, Tennessee a few years ago. It is by Hand Painted Knitting Yarns (or HPKY) and is their Rome yarn. It’s Alpaca, Nylon & Merino. So it’s not technically a braid in the spinning sense, but it is 5 skeins looped together looking like a braid.

hpky braid

It is super soft and has a nice little halo from the Alpaca. I was feeling so inspired, I sad down and wound the 5 skeins by hand. It. Was. Awesome!! It turned into these nice little yarn balls.


Naturally since I wound it, I found the pattern that it came with and cast on πŸ™‚ It’s the HPKY Bias Shawl. I’m excited to have something so beautiful and warm for the upcoming winter. It’s an easy garter stitch knit. Perfect for football and baseball watching.

I’m loving the little fuzzy halo. The stitches are not incredibly defined, but it should be a cozy winter knit. I’m hoping it will be long enough to wrap around my shoulders.

Still holding onto my “knit-all-the-things” feeling, especially with the cool weather returning today.


v’s & bumps,


14 thoughts on “The Knit Nest

    1. I hadn’t seen anything like it either which totally justified the purchase a few years ago. I’m glad to know that knitting nests are a common occurrence. I may need to start documenting it more often πŸ™‚

  1. huh your nest looks really nice. I do that too, only my nest is a lot smaller due to space constraints. I will try to take a picture next time I really make a nest..

  2. That shawl is just the perfect choice for your lovely yarn! I’m on my own right now so have spread out my projects – one on couch for TV knitting and one in study for radio/podcast knitting. There’s sunlight at different times of the day in different rooms so I make the most of that!

  3. I tend to make a mess when I’m knitting, oh I mean a nest!! I have my back, ipad, notes and notions all at the ready. My dog likes to sleep beside me so he’s there as well. Loved seeing your work area πŸ™‚

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