WIPs on WIPs on WIPs…

WIP Wednesday

You guessed it! It’s WIP Wednesday. I was worried I wouldn’t have time to do this post because it’s my husband’s 30th birthday!! But I have been wanting to show what I’ve been working on.

First up:


Since it is Jordan’s 30th birthday, I thought I would try to finish up this scarf for him. I started it back in the spring sometime. It’s made out of Mountain Colors Twizzle in the Harmony Softrock colorway. I’ve used up 1 skein and am a good ways into the second skein, which I bought simply for emergencies…emergency averted πŸ™‚ I’m using Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s One Row Handspun Scarf pattern. I keep having him try it on so it’s long enough. I have about 9 more inches to go πŸ™‚


You may be asking yourself what this is and why this is the first time you are seeing it. Well, a few weeks ago I saw this pattern for a “fried egg” potholder. At the time, we were trying to buy rugs for our apartment which has all hardwood floors. Lightbulb! I could make a cool rug for the kitchen that looked like a giant fried egg! I used a full-size yellow bed sheet, then 1 queen-size white bed sheet. That wasn’t enough so I bought a king-size. I blew through that. Man, does crochet eat up some yarn! So I bought 2 more king-size bed sheets to cut into strips to finish this thing up. I totally love it and it is really squishy!


This should look vaguely familiar. It should also look relatively stagnant. It’s the Whispers top I’ve been “working” on. We’ll say working is a loose term here. Mostly it gets shuttled from one place to another for me to knit a round or two on. The stockinette has become boring. But I want to finish it so I can wear it in Chicago at Vogue Knitting Live!


This should also look vaguely familiar and also stagnant. It’s the back of the Twist Vest. I did a “provisional cast-off” to hold the stitches at the neck and I should be picking up around this to make the sides, armholes, and collar. Instead, it’s been languishing. I think it’s like the Whispers top in that I’m close to switching to another ball of yarn on both projects and I just haven’t picked them back up. I know there is such a thing as “Second Sock Syndrome”…is there a “Starting a Second Ball of Yarn Syndrome” as well???


And there is this lovely, soft, fuzzy beauty. It’s the HPKY Bias Shawl I started knitting. I’m ignoring a portion of the pattern about only doing a certain number of rows alternating the 2 colors and I did more so I could use up more of the yarn and make a bigger shawl. I hope it is big enough to wrap around my shoulders. I will be sorely disappointed otherwise.


Finally, here is my Catkin shawl. I’m at the place to start Chart 1 and I had to place markers to mark the quadrants and the chart repeats. I placed said markers only to encounter I have 4 stitches too many. Knowing that to solve this problem will require some brain power, it has been hibernating for about a week. I have been working on brainless things, like the scarf for my husband, instead of sitting down to do a little problem solving. I think I’m just going to “place” those extra stitches where I am supposed Β to do increases on the first row instead of ripping back or doing any sort of decreases. I just need to determine the right place for those and do it.


Finally, looking out over my landscape of WIPs, I’m feeling like I should be knitting instead of typing! I am also realizing that several of my projects are in a similar place…about halfway. I am not completely sure what my hesitation is. I do enjoy working on them, but I think I would enjoy them as finished pieces more than I like working on them. I also want to start a few new pieces and I’m going to Chicago for the Vogue Knitting show which is sure to be filled with inspiration. All I know is I better get knittin!


v’s & bumps,


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10 thoughts on “WIPs on WIPs on WIPs…

  1. That scarf is looking really nice, good thing your husband appreciates your hand knit gifts. My boyfriend isn’t too much of a knitwear person and I can barely get him to wear the dullest grey scarf ever that I once knitted for him.

    And if second ball of yarn syndrome is a thing I’m also suffering from it. Somehow I’m always a bit blocked by the idea of starting a new ball, even though it’s not like it’s so much work to do.

    1. He really does love it. Ironically he’s trying to make me a better knitter and keeps asking if I’ve blocked it yet πŸ™‚ You should move your boyfriend to a colder place and he’ll be begging for the knitwear…that’s what I did πŸ™‚

      Second ball of yarn syndrome is a real thing. I’m trying to overcome it by envisioning the finished project. It’s working, sort of.

  2. akwildcherry

    I find that if I have too many projects going on at once, it is overwhelming and I end up not knitting because I can’t decide which project to work on. It took me many years to figure out what works for me. I can’t work on more than 3. Three projects is my limit, any more and nothing ever gets done. Also, these 3 are 1 major project (usually a sweater), 1 small/quick project (to keep from getting bored with the major one), and a travel project (like socks, a scarf or shawl). This takes the trauma of deciding what to work on out of the equation. Happy Knitting, I hope you can make some progress and get those projects off the needles. They all look beautiful and will make great FO’s.

    She Knits in Pearls

    1. I’m trying to stay focused. I may need a bit more discipline in my life if I could only cast on 3 things at a time. That would be fantastic motivation to get things done. I guess that’s how you always seem to have the most gorgeous sweaters just flying off your needles πŸ™‚

  3. I think that the magical feeling of New Project Energy can lead us to cast on a whole bunch of projects, and for some of us, the excitement and anticipation of finishing a project makes the end feel easy too. It’s the middle where you really have to enjoy the yarn and/or the pattern to be actively motivated to keep going. Keep knitting on those lovely WIPs!

  4. I love your scarf and the whisper project, so pretty in colors and the whisper is delicate, my kind of knitting. I hope you finished your scarf for a birthday!

    1. Thank you! I’m loving the Whisper top too! I hope it won’t be too cold to wear it when I get it off the needles. Even if it is, I’ll just put on some long sleeves under it and wear it anyway!

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