Truthfully, it’s not Tuesday

WIP Wednesday

What’s new. I’m a day late and a dollar short.

You know another cliche could apply here. The best laid plans of mice and men…

I could go on.

So let’s be real. I can’t really contain myself. I planned not to cast on anything new until I finished 4, yes FOUR projects on my WIP list, but I did. I cast on an Array Cowl for my (hopefully-future-sister-in-law) Lyndsay. I love the colors. And I couldn’t take my curse socks to the game last night and risk a loss! (I took them to 2 games before and the Cards lost both) So I spent last night at the game casting on the 320 stitches and get going on this awesome project.


I’m using Malabrigo Rios in Teal Feather and Liquidambar. I was hoping the Liquidambar wouldn’t be too muted. I have a skein of Arco Iris on hand just in case I get a few more inches in and don’t like it.


I’ve also been working on my (cursed) socks. If you remember, I started these on those tiny 9-inch US 0 needles. I really tried with those. Truly I did. But every time I would knit on them for longer than 5 minutes, my hands would ache! I initially thought it was the stitch pattern I was using, passing a yarn over over 2 stitches can cause a little stress on the hands doing the knitting.


So I switched to some delicious Knitter’s Pride Karbonz DPNs. They are so smooth and wonderful it almost makes me forget how much I don’t love working on DPNs. I digress. The only problem is I like doing socks 2 at a time so I don’t get second sock syndrome and things end up being the same size like the length of the cuff or the heel or the toe or whatever. If I only work on 1 sock at a time, who can guarantee that they will be the same?? I may pick up another set of these, but they were a little pricey. I’ll knit a few more inches and see if I’m really, really in love with them enough to buy another set. Or maybe I can just do one sock at a time. It seems to work for the Yarn Harlot 🙂


How cute is this project bag? I found it in my stash and thought it would be a fun new home for the cursed socks.

Also, I’m not really breaking the rules too bad in terms of starting a new project since I did finish something…what you ask???


It’s Jordan’s scarf!! I finished it on Friday the 3rd…just 2 days late 🙂 Sis is standing guard. I love the way this turned out! It’s definitely long enough to wrap around comfortably or double and pull the ends through. I am hoping that with a cold winter it will get a lot of wear. I still need to block it.

I also went by the library here and got a card. Something about fall makes me want to read too! I picked up Quiet Dell by Jayne Anne Phillips. I’m only a few pages in and enjoying it.

That’s really all that is being “actively” worked on. Mostly in the last few days. Except I worked on Whispers. And tonight is my class at Knitorious for the Catkin shawl. I did do an inch or so of the first chart, so that’s growing. Plus I need to finish up the Twist vest so I can wear it to Vogue Knitting Live!! That is only 15 days away!!!!!!!

I feel like I have knitting project attention deficit disorder. It doesn’t help that I am knee-deep in blog posts to catch up on reading and podcasts to catch up listening to! If I’m not careful, the sheer number can overwhelm me!! I do love knowing what is going on out there in the knitting world and it does keep me inspired to keep knitting.

Anyone else get a little behind/overwhelmed by all the wonderful blogs out there about knitting???


v’s & bumps,


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10 thoughts on “Truthfully, it’s not Tuesday

  1. horray for finishing the scarf, I had a feeling you would. Or maybe I was sending you positive energy and wishes…anyways, that bag is so sweet! Any pair of socks would be lucky to be nestled inside.

  2. I think finishing 4 WsIP entitles you to start something new for sure! And it’s a great collection of projects – I love the yarn for your (cursed) socks, such pretty colours.

    There are so many lovely blogs out there, it’s totally overwhelming! I haven’t dared start listening to podcasts as well in case I lose what’s left of my free time!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I think it’s a Pagewood Farms Denali Sock Yarn?

      I resisted the podcast bug as long as I possibly could. I do find that I enjoy listening to the audio when I’m driving somewhere, but it makes it tough because I want to write down notes and you really shouldn’t write notes and drive a car. 🙂

  3. please please please put the cursed socks far away….deep in the stash until after the playoffs……it’s sort of like the sports casters announcing…he hasn’t hit a home run in his last umpty ump games—-you KNOW the next pitch…it’s out of here. I don’t want ‘my’ season to end early…..holding you totally responsible now.
    (you have more going that I have! makes my pile look rather meager….maybe i need to go cast on something new?)

    1. The cursed socks are not allowed any where near the baseball game, that means even watching one on tv!! I do love it when the sports casters make those claims and then what do you know, a home run!! 🙂

      Please cast on more!! Welcome to the dark side or at least feel the effects of it being cold enough to justify all the knitting!

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