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WIP Wednesday

Yay! A real WIP Wednesday post! I’m pretty proud of myself as I’ve whittled down my WIPs to just 10. I’ve been working pretty hard on my Whispers sweater (which I will wear to Vogue Knitting Live!) until I finished it. I will be sure to take pictures of me wearing this! I love it!!!


My needles have been going so fast, they are smokin’!

I’ve been making some good progress on my Twist Vest. I’m hoping to knock it out so I can block it and weave in the ends before we leave on Friday morning.


I need to do about 6 more inches on the collar portion. I’m hoping it will fit and be long enough when I finally cast off…my needles have been keeping it too tight for me to try on. Cross your fingers!! If not, I’ll just have to rip it out and try again 😦 That is one nice thing about knitting vs. other crafts where you don’t really need to cut anything and it’s all able to be undone.

My Technicolor Take 2 Socks haven’t seen much love since they were cursed for the Cardinals games. I guess now that they’ve lost and the Royals/Giants are facing off in the World Series, I can pull them back out. I am still really liking the yarn and pattern and my Karbonz!!


I am questioning if they will be too big…I have skinny ankles but long feet so I traditionally make the bigger size. However, my 2 pairs of socks I have made for myself are both pretty slouchy. After reading so many blogs and posts about socks and Socktober, I am inspired to knit myself socks I will love. Ripping may commence if I can try these on 🙂

Not to worry. I have been doing a little unselfish knitting as well. In the name of a few gifts.

First up is my Flurfy Scarf for Jabes. It’s coming along. It takes a little brain power. I’m into the solid section of the 3rd of 4 colors.


And the Array Cowl for Lyndsay. Taking a while since it has a bunch of slipped stitches. I know initially I was a little hesitant about the color combination, but I’m really liking it in the daylight. I’m not sure that the picture here does it justice.


And the Skinty Stripe Scarf for Deana. Also taking a while since it is on US size 3 needles.


On to the planning stage for my super fun trip!!!

Last year, when I went to Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago, I rode the Megabus early in the morning, spent about 3 hours in the giant marketplace, spent way too much money buying impulse yarn, took a class on cables from Amy Detjen, had delicious deep-dish pizza with my husband (who was an insane trooper through the whole experience), and took the Megabus back to Louisville that night. I spent roughly 24 hours on this trip and around 12 hours were spent on the Megabus.

I think this is the haul from last year. I tried to pull it all out of my yarn cabinet from memory. I’ve got a couple skeins of sock yarn, a few skeins of some bulky Malabrigo Rasta, some Shibui Cima for a scarf, and some Neighborhood Fiber Company to knit the Monomania sweater. I’m pretty sure I haven’t made anything from my haul last year. What a shame!! Pulling it all out makes me want to cast on something right away, but I’m trying to stay disciplined and finish up what I already have on the needles.


When I received the email this year about year’s event, I knew I wanted to go back. I also knew that St. Louis had a train that went to Chicago which would be more enjoyable than a bus (public transit is a way better option for me than driving because I can knit on the way there and not worry about driving or paying an outrageous amount to park in Chicago). I also knew that I wanted my mom to go with me. Plus, I knew I wanted to stay overnight and not be rushed. And staying overnight gave us the opportunity to take more classes!!!

This year, I’m looking up patterns I want to buy yarn for and trying to make a list of some unique dyers and companies that I want to look for. Also going to keep on the look out for a few books. I just don’t want to come home with a bunch of random single skeins that I bought in the throws of “ooooooooh that’s so pretty and soft and squishy.” So I’ve made a few lists. I need to finalize these in the next day so I can go in with a solid plan.

IMG_1487 IMG_1488

So the lists are coming together…


v’s & bumps,


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16 thoughts on “WIPs & Plans

  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one with several WIPs! I just get so excited when I find a new pattern, I have to cast on regardless of what is already on my other sets of needles. 🙂

    I love how your array cowl colors are pairing together. I would love to see the FO when it is done.

    For your twist vest, if I have a project that I would like to test the fit before I get too far, I like to take a long strand of scrap yarn and a tapestry needle, and thread it through exactly as it sits on my needles. Then I can pull out the needles that are constricting the project and test it out. This has saved me from a mini-sized hat many a times. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you for your kind words. After reading your suggestion, I did put the stitches on a piece of yarn and try on the vest. It fits but I’m not sure if I’m totally in love with it 🙂 thank you again for such a great idea!!

  2. knittedblissjc

    whoa, look at all your awesome WIPs! I adore those socks, the yarn looks so fun, and a great fit for the textured pattern you’ve chosen. And look at all that pretty yarn!

    1. Thank you!! The socks are one of my faves since I switched over to double points. Looking at my haul from last year almost makes me want to not buy anything this year until I knit some of it 🙂 we shall see!

  3. Beautiful projects!!! Are you back from VK Chicago? Hope you had a wonderful time. I know these events have shopping but I’m finding out that the classes are really worth going them as well. I just got back from Stitches East then Rhinebeck … had a blast at both!

    1. We LOVED the classes!! The shopping was good but I’m finding I like shopping at my LYS more since if I get stuck in a pattern I don’t feel guilty about going in for help. Definitely worth the no sleep and the trip 🙂 can’t wait to hear about your Stitches East and Rhinebeck adventure!!

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