Brain Block

Yep, I’m a little stopped up in my thoughts for posting. I have noticed that I’ve been a bit bouncy in terms of my ideas and projects and goals that I talk about here on the blog. I have found that I bring up things and talk about wanting to do things, then I don’t follow through! Yikes! Not fun. And a little disappointing.

Just a moment though, because I do (sometimes) come back to them. For instance, the Whispers top.


It was supposed to be a part of the Nice & Knit Summer Sweater Knit Along. By the time I really got knitting on the thing, summer was over. I finished it well after the KAL concluded…so late in fact I was able to use it in the Commuter Knitter Finish Along for this year. If you haven’t wandered over to listen to NDJen04 (on Ravelry) on her podcast, you are missing out! Check her out on iTunes if you are looking for some fun knitting related listening.

I don’t know where I was going there. See what I mean? I’m all over the place.

So I think I need to work on holding myself accountable for all the awesome things I want to start and participate in!!

For instance, I’ve got 3 things I’d like to tackle before the end of the year. Maybe if I tell you about them, you can help hold me accountable. Perhaps I should make a weekly thing to check in. So those things that I want to do.

1. Rikke Hat— I finally caught up with all the blogs I read. While doing so, I came across several posts referencing this post by Anke at Our Little Piece of Heaven. She has a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment. Anke is requesting a few hats knit for her friend to brighten her day. I have the perfect skein of Malabrigo Rios in the Arco Iris colorway and I love the Rikke pattern. The slouch is perfect and so cozy.


2. Wee Envelope— As I mentioned in my last post, I received my LittleStitch box from PostStitch to make a Wee Envelope for my niece Payton. I went into this in good detail last week.


3. Turia Sweater/Featherweight Sweater— I want to knit the Turia because it’s been languishing in my stash for some time. It was also the first sweater I saw that I really, really wanted to make. It is in battle with the Featherweight sweater because I did just buy yarn for this at Vogue Knitting Live and Amy Herzog of CustomFit and Hannah Fetig of KnitBot (the designer) are running a KAL on Ravelry. Do you see my dilemma??


These three things sound doable, but this brings me to my hesitancy to even talk about them much less cast them on. I already have like 10 things on the needles! I don’t like having all these WIPs out there. Languishing. Feeling unloved. Being stagnant.

I look back at my WIPs and I remember loving all those things at some point. I ask myself why I put them down. Then I look at the next thing and think, yep, this is why I put that down, so I could start this! And I want those WIPs to be finished so they can go to their recipients or I can wear them!!

So this is where your thoughts come in. What would you do–finish up the WIPs or just go ahead and cast on the new stuff??

I’m sure I’ll make a decision by Wednesday, but I would love your input!!


v’s & bumps,


10 thoughts on “Brain Block

  1. I’m a bit at this point were I also feel like just casting on new things but at the same time feel incredibly guilty for the ignored project. But I think just doing these 3 things is doable and might help to keep focused.

  2. I’m all for starting new. I tend to have four or five projects going at the same time. All for different reasons, easy, difficult, tv knitting. So go or it!!

  3. the way I work is finish or frog because I get too stressed with the pleading looks I get from my wips, and I am too guilty to put them out of sight.
    So, finish or frog your wips, and I say make the hat, and the wee envelope. Leave the sweater to cast on after christmas.

  4. I go back and forth on this depending on my mood. There are months where I want to have ALL THE THINGS on the go to give me choice, and months where I want to concentrate on just one thing and get it done before moving on to the next.

    One thing I’ve done recently is consciously put unfinished projects into ‘hibernation’. For me, this means stashed at the back of the wardrobe! Then I concentrate on the six or seven (for me, that’s concentrating!) that I really want to get done, and if I get twitchy about doing something new, I can either haul out something from hibernation, or start a new project and add an active one to the hibernation pile (although at this rate, I’m going to need a bigger wardrobe…). It’s semantics really, but it’s working for me!

  5. Do what you most feel like! Knitting is supposed to be fun. If you feel like casting on – do so. If you need a little closure, then finish a WIP first…

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