I Swear I Swore Off Gift Knitting…

holiday cheer

How come even when I have this whole idea about gift knitting that has been in place for several knitting years I have somehow managed to rack up at least 4 gifts I want to finish in the next few weeks????

After my first Christmas as a knitter and the crazy notion that I could knit everyone something then, and failing miserably at that challenge…so much so that 5 years later, I STILL have yarn and projects queued up from that holiday, I made the pledge that I would not knit for the holidays. Instead, knitworthy folks would receive birthday presents. Even those time lines would stretch out, I would present people with their gifts days, weeks, and months late.

So instead of following my own rule of no holiday knitting, I have been  swept up in the gift knitting that seem to be sweeping blogs and podcasts and all the knitting groups I knit with. And let’s face it, every time I come across a pattern I think would be perfect for someone, I queue it and if I’m feeling particularly weak, I pull yarn out of my stash to cast on…and if I don’t have the yarn, I go to the store. I know.

It’s a good thing I’m not on a yarn diet. And I’m relatively weak willed when it comes to yarn and knitting and gifts for people who I think would love them.

So let this serve as a reality check. I CAN’T CAST ANYTHING ELSE ON!!! At least until I finish something. Anything. Let’s check in. Here are the gifts I began…

A hat for my brother-in-law’s girlfriend. We were talking over Thanksgiving while I was knitting on the next project and I offered to knit up something he had in mind. After a little pattern searching I came across the Tweedy Honeycomb Toque by Kent Turman. It’s free on Rav and I figured I could tweak it by adding an additional color into the “comb” part.



I’m using some Berroco Vintage Chunky and I’m stranding the colors behind…only problem is that its a little tight and the second color is really, really popping forward. I was hoping it would have fallen back more. And I probably should have made a better effort to keep my floats loose. I’ve already ripped once, I may have to do it again…here’s a link to my Rav page.

Next up the the black hat for my other brother-in-law I told you guys about last week, the Jacques Cousteau Hat. Well, I did a little ripping there and rethinking. While I don’t want to change the rib or the hat decreases, I wanted the piece to be more versatile. Enter this version of a Balaclava by Jacki Kelly and I tweaked my original.


It’s ready for the bind off for the eye slit. This thing is not too far from being finished. I’m using Universal Yarn’s Deluxe DK Superwash in Ebony. It’s not as pure a black as I’ve seen, but the details do disappear when in the wrong light.

I’ve also got two other projects that I started a while ago and want to finish those up. Like the Array Cowl I started. I ran into a road block with this project. It was about a week ago. And I was knitting away and I kept hearing a creaking sound. I check the joins in my interchangable needles, everything was still screwed in tight. Then, “pop” the cable popped out of the join. I need to send them in 😦


So I bought some more needles and got it switched over. Its just a little tedious with all the slipped stitches but it is nice and mindless and I love the colors!

Another project that I’ve had on the needles for far too long is a scarf for my sister-in-law.


This was featured in a few early blog posts as the Skinty Stripe Scarf. It’s Purl Soho’s Diagonal Pinstripe Scarf. I saw this featured on their blog and new it would be perfect for my sister-in-law. Only hang up? It’s laceweight yarn on US Size 3 needles.

But I did finish up some baby socks to go with Payton’s Wee Envelope Sweater. I knit these in one day!!


That hasn’t totally stopped me from working on things for myself…like my Settler Shawl


And there is the predicament of these socks. I’ll tell you about later this week…

And I may be pondering casting on a Rikke hat for myself out of some lovely Malabrigo Rios and my Turia Sweater…I even wound the yarn because I have zero self-control. I can at least take a little comfort in at least not casting on yet. That’s not to say that I don’t have needles and patterns at the ready.

Don’t worry, I’m not just thinking about me for future knits, I have yarn to make Payton another sweater and my other niece Nora has requested a scarf in her “colors.” How can I say no?

Plus I’m thinking about frogging a few things.

Bah! Humbug!

(not really, I love the holidays!!)

What about you? Have you given in to the gift knitting bug??


v’s & bumps,


23 thoughts on “I Swear I Swore Off Gift Knitting…

  1. It’s been really though but I haven’t given in to the gift knitting bug yet. I figured, like you, that knit worthy people would receive gifts on their birthdays. This at least leads to a naturally spread out way of gift knitting throughout the year. But boy, reading blogs of all these ambitious knitters, I’m definitely feeling the pressure to cast on. I keep thinking, if I just make a little hat hear for this person, and a pair of mitts there for that person. But so far I’ve resisted!

  2. I’m with Tahnee, I make for my knit worthy giftees on their birthdays. I actually just finished my only WIP last night (!!!) so I am looking for a new project and I’m determined to avoid making Christmas gifts, because I know it will snowball into gifts for everyone… although this is my first knitting Christmas, so ask me again next year!

  3. Errrr … no! I have not given in. Right now I’m trying to clear my needles and hooks by the end of the year so I’ve not given in, I will not give in …

    ask me again next week … 😀

  4. akwildcherry

    I go through the same thing every year. I want to knit all the things, for all the people. But I know all too well that I cannot (without tears and Xanax) get through it all. Now a days I will find littler and quicker crafting projects to do for the masses and safe the knitting for my mom and mother-in-law. They’re the only ones who I know truly appreciate all the time and work that go into each gift. I’m finding it very difficult not being able to blog about my knitting as I know they read my blog. It’s driving me crazy keeping each project a secret.

    She Knits in Pearls

    1. Tears and Xanax would be the only reasonable way to get through all the things I wish I could knit for all the people. I am glad my recipients don’t read my blog and I could share with you guys. It would drive me bananas otherwise!

  5. I remember one year we had lots of babies in the family, I was a knitting fool, did nothing else for months. I have slowed down on that now – those babies are grown and so they don’t all get sweaters now – but they do get hats, mitts, even necklaces – smaller projects. I work on them all year, and then select presents from the inventory. Although, sometimes, I make something for a particular person, sometimes I don’t. I try really hard NOT to cast on just for Christmas, as the pressure is intense,and if it doesn’t come out right, then what?

  6. Wow, and I thought I had it bad ;D That’s a fabulous collection you’ve got there, and it’s definitely going to keep you busy. I decided to sew instead, although my mother did just request a hat and mittens, and I’ve got a cardigan to work on for her as well as my own cardigan…

    So in solidarity, good luck!

  7. My rule is one knitted gift a year and since the family is growing by leaps and bounds (four grandbabies in four years), giftees are grownups. Don’t worry about the babies getting the short stick, they get knitted for year round. Great projects!

  8. would it REALLY be the crazy holiday season without some crazy last minute knitting? (I think the two go hand-in-hand!) I finished my ‘last’ christmas knitting gift last week, and to be honest, I’m feeling a bit ’empty’—-all the things I have on the needles are not looking very exciting at the moment. (I made that pinstripe diagonal garter stitch scarf last year—and I LOVe it!!! Great, fun pattern!!!!!) I’d cast on something new—-but the tree is in front of the yarn closet!

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