Must. Weigh. Yarn!

holiday cheer

So the predicament I’m in with my socks. Thanks to all those wonderful bloggers and podcasters out there who whip up socks like its goin out of style, I have been really looking forward to finishing up and wearing my Technicolor Socks.


Enter the predicament.

I want the cuffs to be nice and long and I want minimal leftover yarn. And I want the socks to fit. So I’m not sure how much longer I can continue with the cuffs before turning the heel and have enough yarn to do the foot the correct length.


I’ve got 450 yards of yarn and I split the yarn into two (seemingly) equal balls when I frogged these the first time. The problem here is that they are seemingly equal. I don’t have a scale and couldn’t weigh them. And I don’t feel comfortable taking these into a LYS since I bought the yarn on a trip to Tucson a few years ago. I did buy the Karbonz needles at a store here. Maybe that counts??


I’m hoping that determining the weight of the socks knit so far and the remaining yarn will help me determine how much longer I can make my cuff before turning the heel and working the foot. Do any of you have an idea about how to determine this based on the weight??

Until I weigh the yarn, I guess these will have to hibernate. Does this give me freedom to cast on another pair?

I’ve got some 6-ply Regia AdventureΒ or some Indulgence 6-plyΒ that would be beautiful on some US size 2’s…


What would you do?


v’s & bumps,


12 thoughts on “Must. Weigh. Yarn!

  1. Umm, I’m afraid I have no idea about how long your cuffs can be. I knit 4 inch cuffs, and have little yarn left over, but then this is totally why I knit socks toe-up πŸ™‚ And this is totally a good reason to cast on for new socks, maybe try toe-up this time? It’s always good to try different methods of knitting (I own a couple of pairs of cuff-down socks as well) πŸ™‚

  2. I also was going to suggest toe-up, it does help with this problem. And how about a food scale? Does anyone you know have one? But if you frequent your LYS, so they know they can rely on you for future purchases, and you explain the dilemma, I bet they would help you out if no one has a scale.

    meanwhile, of course cast on something else. πŸ™‚

  3. Weighing would seem the best way to go. How much yarn you’ll need will probably also depend on your foot size of course, but 450 yards should be more than plenty to have nice long cuffs. I usually only use up around 25-30 grams of yarn per sock, unless it’s a very yarn eat-y pattern. So I really wouldn’t worry too much, but weighing could give some peace of mind.

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