It’s Already January

Monday Musings

I have no idea where the time went. I feel like I was just having a swim at the neighborhood pool and that has been almost 4 months ago! Like I said last post, I’ve been zooming around the knitting blogosphere and I have been inundated with posts of reflection on last year and posts of hope for the year to come. I’ve also said in a previous post, back in the fall, that my time of renewal seems to happen in the fall. I guess being a student for so many years and then a teacher really did make August feel like the start of a new journey every time.

You should also know that I’ve read more goals and resolution type posts than I can count. It’s got me thinking. I’m not usually one for resolutions because I tend to only last about a week. But I am also usually very affected by the world around me.

Yes, I meant to say affected. I am a people pleaser by nature and can often find myself moved by the words, thoughts, and actions of other people. Not to say I am a doormat or a sponge, but I tend to be very empathetic to people and their life stories and situations. All of this self-diagnosis to tell you that You, the blogging community, has spoken and I have been swayed into thinking about some resolutions or goals or inspirations or what-have-you for 2015.

First, you may have already noticed, but I’m going to be changing things around here some on the blog. By reading so many wonderful sites and really starting to find my voice here, I find that I want my page to be a bit more reflective of me and a little less generic. In the last two months, I have really started to analyze the way I present my thoughts here. Initially when I started this journey, I wasn’t quite sure where to start and so I set up some general daily guidelines to help get me going. I’ve fallen away from these somewhat, but I think for the better. I still get into the WIP Wednesday posts, but that’s about it. I’m trying to be more authentic.

In the complete and utter opposite direction is the next change I’d like to implement here. From perusing so many sites, I have noticed a lack of a Friday Finished Objects link up. I think this is due to my own narrow scope of the blogs I follow coupled with my newness to the community. I then came across this post by Tammy on her blog. She writes:
“So, when Tami (of Tami’s Amis) stopped posting WIP Wednesday and FO Friday in September, many of us were at a loss.  So I figured I’d do a link party and then Chrisknits also was doing one (and I found another one)…and we decided to split it…I’d do Wednesday and she’d do Fridays…well there has not been much interest….I did get in touch with Tami and tell her we were doing them and she said she didn’t know when she would ever get back to them and kind of gave her blessing…”

The FO Friday post has been discontinued and I volunteered to host a link up party here. In the interest of keeping it fun and fitting in with my style, I’ve given it a new little title: Fresh Off The Needles. I’m working on a cute little graphic/header and the first one should go live on Friday, January 9th.

I was really hoping to figure out a way to post the links with thumbnails directly into the post, but the widget isn’t supported on my free wordpress site. Maybe upgrading to a paid for web name is in my future, but we shall see. I hope you will join us with whatever projects are Fresh Off The Needles and over at Life and Yarn or Yarn and Life for Tammy’s Stitch-Along Wednesday posts.

Next challenge is to partake in the Love Your Library Challenge hosted by Emily at Snapdragon Crafts. This year, I’d like to make just as much of an effort to knit the patterns I already have with the yarn I already have…it’s a stash extravaganza. I also like the idea of focusing on one book or collection of books. I’m planning to tackle Hunter Hammersen’s Curls (there’s a KAL in Hunter’s group and Susie of the Prairie Girls and Sarah of In A Sknit are knitting their way through the book too!).

First up, Caesious in some lovely Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in the Montrose colorway.


Ok and my last yarn-y, new year thing: KNIT. FROM. STASH. EXCLUSIVELY. (unless people start having babies and I don’t have the right yarn to make their bundle of joy something perfectly snuggly). Had to build in that little disclaimer 🙂

So, here is to changes in the new year and going on an epic yarn diet!


v’s & bumps,


18 thoughts on “It’s Already January

    1. Thanks!! I’ve been thinking about the FO Friday thing as well…I tend to take a while to finish things too and I like blogging about them when I do and I’m not good at waiting to do so…it will all be a grand experiment I think. We shall see 🙂

  1. Although I hadn’t participated in a while, the F.O Friday and W.I.P Wednesdays memes were the only two I initially participated in when I just started showcasing crafting on my blog. To find them so unceremoniously discontinued was really a loss. I kept going back weekly to see if I missed something or if they really were gone. I’m glad you and others have decided to restart/reinvent them. They allowed me to connect with other crafters both in technique and inspiration. Bookmarking this post and the other links now.

  2. “Not to say I am a doormat or a sponge, but I tend to be very empathetic to people and their life stories and situations.”
    Oh gosh, it was good to read this. I sometimes think that everyone else is like a solid rock while I’m more like a bendy tree – I know what I want, but have to take other people into account as well! Nice to know that I am not alone 🙂

    That sounds like a great plan for starting out 2015. I’ve heard so many good things about Curls that I’m sure you’re going to end up with some gorgeous shawls from it. And thanks for picking up the FO Friday mantle – I’ve really missed having those link ups, and it will give me something to aim for! (although I’ll be mostly FOTH rather than FOTN ;D) Looking forward to it 🙂

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone too!! I like to think of it as being a bendy tree 🙂

      And I’m going to rename it Freshly Finished so we can include all crafty pursuits, crochet included!!

  3. Great goals. I’m also not such a frequent finisher, but I’d love to join in the link up party whenever I can. And stash knitting, gosh, I hope I can stick to that one for a while. I ALMOST bought new yarn on the 2nd of January already, how bad is that?! But I contained myself (go me!).

  4. Happy dances here at snapdragoncrafts!!! Like other commenters, I was a bit dismayed and surprised when the WIP Wednesday and FO Friday link ups started becoming irregular–I really loved the blogs that posted on them! I am SOOO happy you are resurrecting this! And I am super super pumped that you are joining in on the Love Your Library challenge too! 🙂

  5. I love the redesign of your blog! (What yarn is it in the photo on the left side of the page?) Although I’ve never been big on link-ups, I think it’s great that you have decided to pick up the torch on what I know was a very popular and much-mourned link-up.

  6. Hi,
    I just started following last week and posted in FFF. I’m looking forward to your Fresh off the Needles. I try to quilt as well as knit and crochet so woolly finishes come in fits and starts but when I have the button for my sidebar it will remind me to link up when I have a finish.

    1. Hi Catherine, thanks so much for joining up! I will work on getting a button up this week. I think thats a great way to have a little reminder 🙂 looking forward to seeing your quilting shares as well!!

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