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So I have this theory about being crafty & creative. The first part of the theory is that ANYONE can create something if only they will try. A moment of preaching: I do not buy for one second that someone is not creative or cannot create something. Yes, it may be difficult for some to get started, but if one is willing to give it a try, one will create something. Even creating something that is a copy of something else is creating! Heck, that’s what so much of crafting is like sewing/knitting/crocheting/quilting from a pattern or modeling a scrapbook page after a design or photo. What one creates does not necessarily have to be completely original and unique from one’s own mind.

The second part of the theory is when one is surrounded by others who craft and create it is infinitely more inspiring/fun/influential/probable one will also craft and create. Seeing how much those around you enjoy creating sets the stage for one to want to join in the fun. Also having those around to teach makes it easier to jump into the crafting.

As to the first part of my theory, I will say that I do have trouble getting started on things at times. I have experienced being “blocked” in creative endeavors and even supremely unhappy with my efforts to create. It’s part of the process. I think being stuck and making things that didn’t turn out like I envisioned helped me to be ok with the projects that take unexpected turns and end in different places than anticipated.

Onto the second part of my theory, I have been incredibly blessed to have my grandmother and mom who are both very adept at creating with their hands, and specifically fiber/fabric.


My grandmother is darling. She is 89 and still quilts and sews daily. Some of my earliest tries at sewing were because of her. She signed me up for my first sewing class when I was maybe 10 or 12. I remember making a lunchbag and an “outfit” consisting of a pair of shorts and a tube top with ribbon straps. I’ve made several pillows and blankets in her sewing room over the years. She even still quilts for me. For our wedding in 2013, she made Jordan and I this beautiful quilt.

wedding quilt

And last year when she and my mom came to visit, we found this neat quilt shop in Lexington, Kentucky that had a Zombie quilt kit. I immediately fell in love with it. I thought it was quirky and fun. I’m not a particular fan of zombies, but this piece was just sooooo fun. So we acquired the quilt and I planned to head down and visit my grandmother to help put it together. She said she’d just start cutting things out and laying them out. Before I managed to make it to North Louisiana, she had the piece complete.

zombie quilt 1zombie quilt 2

My mom is another crafty lady. Before I was even born, my mom used to create some really incredible cross-stitch projects. I know I referenced this in on of my first posts here. She sewed countless matching outfits for my brother and I and even our costumes until we were too cool to wear them. After a car accident in 2009, she took up knitting after seeing some darling baby hats. She says she wanted to make a collection of them for her future grandchildren.

payton crown 2 payton turkey hat

Payton’s Turkey Hat & Happy New Year Crown
There is also a pumpkin hat, a Christmas Tree hat and I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be a Mardi Gras hat, Valentine’s hat, Easter hat, 4th of July hat, Birthday hat…

Mom taught me to knit. I know that had to take some patience. I remember being very, very frustrated with the long tail cast-on, but I’m so grateful that she stuck with me through it. When I finished the cast-on, I was so happy to realize that was only necessary to start a project. After that, I was off with lots of help to knit and purl and reminders to not pull too tight and to relax.

I’m not sure I would be knitting as much as I am without either of these lovely ladies in my life. I’ve got some fun projects to share with you guys, but I think I’ll wait ’til Wednesday. Until then!


v’s & bumps,


9 thoughts on “The Crafty Gene

  1. I had a crafty grandmother on one side and an aunt on the other. They were my inspiration. My mom is crafty in the garden, but doesn’t care for fiber things. I can not do a thing in the garden! So I agree with your theory, I just recognize that sometimes I don’t have the insight to create in some arenas. And dirt is definitely one of them! LOL

  2. My mum (and paternal grandmother for sure) used to craft, but now my mum doesn’t really do very much. It can be a bit lonely being the only crafter, which is why I started the blog- had to get my inspiration from somewhere! It sounds lovely, helping your grandmother to quilt (or at least trying to!) 🙂

  3. You are so lucky! (and am I imagining it, or do you look just like your Gram?) I had two wonderfully crafty grandmothers – one who knit and painted, the other who sewed and did all sorts of artsy things. My mom was more musical than crafty when we were growing up, but willing to provide supplies to me and my sister, who is exceedingly artistic. Mom is growing craftier as she ages, and so we three get together for knitting days as often as we can. It creates a wonderful community, and my sister’s 8 year old can already knit. Not sure how she is at casting on!

  4. my mom was an avid crafter and I learned a lot from her. When I married, I was delighted that my mom in law was a knitter and so was my sis in law. My sister has been my closest craft partner and we go shopping for yarn whenever we are together 🙂

  5. You really are lucky to have a family crafters. Neither my mother nor my daughter have any interest in crafts. (Neither did my grandmothers!) I’m seen as something of an odd duck for being so crafty.
    I have no interest in zombies but I do love that quilt!

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