WIPs for ME!

WIP Wednesday

A first WIP Wednesday post in a while…I’m a little disappointed I missed my Monday post, but I was out of town and visiting with my family in Louisiana. Best part of that trip?

payton sunglasses

Getting to see Mom, my brother & his girlfriend, and my cute niece Payton!! And I visited McNeedles…I may or may not have bought a little yarn…more on that when I cast it on, I’m really thinking 3 Color Cashmere Cowl by Joji Locatelli.


I already had the Smooshy in the Emerald Darkness color but I picked up another skein of Smooshy in the Peacock Shadow colorway and a skein of Vice Paradigm in the Concrete colorway. I’m dying to get going on that but I have these other two current WIPs along with several inactive WIPs I’d like to make some progress on.

On to a current WIP.


It’s another Rikke hat but for me. I’m using some Malabrigo Rios in the Candombe colorway. So rich and beautiful. I’m hoping to finish it here soon before the snow and such quits.


I’ve also made some good progress on my Turia sweater. I’m to the point where the pattern says I should do some waist shaping, but I may want to move that up a little further and make the sweater a bit longer before I start waist shaping. I’m loving the fabric this is creating. I was initially a little worried that it would a bit scratchy with the linen content, but it’s alright, soft even.

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7 thoughts on “WIPs for ME!

  1. That yarn!!! Well, except for the Seahawkness of it. But just gorgeous. Can’t wait to see Turia progress. And that baby doll! Adorable!!!! Sorry for the excessive use of !!! but I just can’t stand the excitement of it all. LOL

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