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WIP Wednesday

Since Monday, I’ve been knitting almost exclusively on my Turia sweater. I really, really want to be able to wear it soon and it’s just miles of stockinette stitch so I can read or watch anything while I’m working on it. I’m about to start working the 3rd round of decreases for the very subtle waist shaping.


I’m trying a little tip/trick I think I heard while listening to the podcast with Hannah Fettig interviewing Amy Herzog on Episode 10. I was listening to this while driving on one of my epic trips, maybe the December one? I enjoy the podcast though. It’s meaty. Lots of information and Hannah tends to have some really fantastic and knowledgeable guests to interview. Be warned, there is no fluff here unlike a lighter listen like the Knitmore Girls (also full of great information but a bit more lighthearted with segments like “When Knitting Attacks!!”).

Anyway, the tip I thought I remembered hearing was to do the waist shaping in the middle of rounds/rows instead of on the edges. I just went back and scanned the show notes from the episode to learn that Amy suggests doing the shaping in the back of the sweater. Oh well, we shall see how this one turns out and if it even makes a difference. Like I said, the shaping is very, very subtle. I’m alright with this since the piece is supposed to be relaxed.


In other news, remember I was talking about knitting the next Curl, Cerise, by Hunter Hammersen for my next cast on? Maybe? Well, I initially thought I wanted to use the Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Glitter Sock in the OOAK Jewel colorway.


But then, as I also mentioned, my yarn cabinet has been staring at me. I remembered I had some of this.


It’s Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Silk DK in the Coral Sea colorway. I’ve had these 4 balls in my stash for a good amount of time. I bought them at McNeedles before I moved away to teach school in 2011. And I’ve got 480 yards of this as opposed to the 400 yards I’ve got of the sock yarn. And it’s DK. I think it may make a bigger Curl and could be a really great, versatile weight since it is a bamboo/wool/silk blend.


What do you think? Should I stick with the Serenity Glitter Sock or go with the Panda Silk DK?

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7 thoughts on “Needles Clicking

  1. I’m afraid I voted for your original choice, the sparkle one, not so much because I think it would suit the curl, but because I think the curl would suit it, if you see what I mean! With those streaks of colour and the slight sparkle, I would want to make something with a fairly dense stitch pattern that showed it off, and the curl you’ve chosen is just awesome. I think they’d make a good pair.

    Having said that, dense stitch patterns are also good for that variegated style of dying on the other yarn. Could you do a swatch in both and see which you like? I’d be slightly worried that the bamboo/silk would drape too much to get the corkscrew effect of the curl.

    I absolutely love the colour of your sweater. It looks like it’s going to be lovely and snuggly and very wearable when it’s done 🙂

    1. Good idea with the swatching and I totally see what you mean about the sparkly one and the density. And about the too much drape for the corkscrew! I didn’t even think about that! Thank you 🙂 I think a swatch is in order!!

    1. From what I can tell, it’s supposed to help create a flattering shape by making the big flat panel of fabric into a more tailored looking one. I think by doing the shaping in the middle of the garment it will resemble having waist darts and bust darts. The shaping for my sweater is very subtle, but reading this post:
      made a bit of sense to me. I may even go back and rip out to my first set of decreases because I’m pretty sure I’ve just k2tog and didn’t even think about the leaning of the lines. Thanks for the question!

  2. Love the Turia! I chose the sock yarn, even though my usual cautious self says to go with the one that has the most. I am the person who always buys too much yarn for any project, just in case! I love both colourways but the sparkle is gorgeous!

  3. I voted for the DK, but disclaimer: This vote was made purely on liking of the colours and on no technical expertise or familiarity with the pattern in any way :p

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