Lots of Random Things All At Once!

Monday Musings

I wanted to put a “w” on the beginning of once…I just felt like it would be fun to say that way, but then you guys might really think I’m a little more nutty than usual.

First off, let me say a huge thank you to everyone who has been commenting on here the past month or so. I love reading your kind, thoughtful words. The excitement you feel over one of my projects or the advice you offer to the questions I ponder is so refreshing and helpful! I’ve been a little short on time to write responses to each comment, but I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to drop me a note 🙂

Especially all the comments from my Must. Have. Coffee. post last week talking about which domains you use to host your blog. Thank you!! Now, to do the research…I’d like to make the switch by April/May 🙂 That will be my 1 year blogiversary!

Next, I’d like to share a moment of great thanks to the world outside. It’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit here today and sunny. I’m not the only one enjoying to open windows and birds chirping.


Brother has claimed the high spot and Sis was left with the lower one. They seem perfectly content and have been napping for at least a few hours. What a life the kitties live!!

I’d also like to give a special shout-out to my neighbor, Lauren, who has shared this lovely stack with me.


I love to cook. That’s an understatement…when I’m not knitting, I’m cooking and vice versa. I love getting into the kitchen and whipping up something crazy complicated like homemade ravioli from scratch with marinara that simmers for hours to something super simple like a saute’d chicken breast on top of a salad. I love to make savory dishes because of all the crazy flavor combinations you can create and I feel like it’s a bit more forgiving than baking. I’m an ok baker. I like to do it, but I feel like I have to be much more precise in measurements and cooking time…and if I want to substitute something? Forget it.

I think the other thing I love about cooking is that I equate cooking for someone as a way to show love, caring, thankfulness. Its not just about creating something to nourish the body, but also to nourish the soul.

Anyway, Lauren shared this glorious stack of magazines with me. Now I just need to pull out my scissors and pull out the recipes I’d like to try…otherwise I’ll end up with this stack somewhere in my house, adding to the clutter.


Speaking of clutter, this is my mass of “hibernating” works in progress. Every time I see it, I want to pick up one of the bags and get working, but then I get distracted by one of the last few things I’ve cast on…


Like my Cerise!


I’m loving the way it is working up. Hunter Hammersen is a genius!! Things are a little tricky around the curling edge with yarn-overs and a few double-wrapped stitches. I understand why they are built in there, to give the piece a loose enough edge that it will curl and lie in a nice way, but it makes the pattern a little less intuitive. Initially, I really, really struggled to see the pattern and understand how the stitches would stack up on top of each other. With the yarn-overs, its a bit deceptive on the chart as to which stitches will sit on top of which stitches. Once I get going, I’m alright, but I do have to refer to the chart when I approach the curling edge.

I think that’s all I’ve got today. I want to take a walk to the grocery and pick up a thing or two. Normally I would drive, it’s about 2 miles away, but the weather is just tooooooooo beautiful. Wishing you all a happy Monday and a beautiful start to your week!


v’s & bumps,




7 thoughts on “Lots of Random Things All At Once!

  1. Happy beginning of the week to you too! I love the pic of Brother and Sis, such cuties. And I have that too sometimes, that I’m knitting a pattern and it takes me a while to see how it is actually supposed to work up. It looks like a very interesting shawl construction.

  2. I started a baby sweater that has a cute stitch pattern, but I just haven’t been able to get it in my head! I hate having to read a pattern, much prefer a chart, but since there is no chart it’s reading I must do. Oh well, maybe by the end of the pattern I will have it memorized?

  3. Lots of lovely random things! I had my windows opened last week also … just lovely to feel the fresh breeze coming through. Have a wonderful week Jenna, enjoy all the wonderful things this week.

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