Side Effects of Happiness


When I think of being happy, I think of my husband, comfortable pj pants, warm wool socks, a large cup of coffee, my cabinet of yarn, my healthy family, my sweet kitties, sumo caterpillars…what about you?

On to the “side effects” part…I am one who will read all the inserts of medicines AFTER I’ve taken them. Usually those inserts will include a pretty descriptive list of side effects like nausea & drowsiness all the way up to do not operate heavy machinery & may cause stomach bleeding. After I read the info, I find myself overthinking all of these possible side effects, wondering if I’m really nauseous or if I’m making myself that way with all the worrying. Are you this way? The mind is a mighty powerful thing.

But side effects of Happiness? Wow. Could it be general feelings of love, comfort, safety, contentment, bliss? Those sound pretty positive, but what about those other side effects? The ones that leave you feeling not-so-happy.

When I find myself in a happy state, I often find myself overly aware of the side effects. Like wondering if I deserve to be so happy, wondering when all this wonderful will end, wondering when things are supposed to be hard, wondering why everyone else seems unhappy, or wondering if I’m really happy.

Sounds like sabotage.

This happens with anything in my life, most recently this blog. I have really, really enjoyed writing this blog, meeting others through the blog, and having a little motivation to start and finish projects. It’s been great! But I do look around at other blogs and think, I wish my blog was this great. I do a little clicking, a little research, and I start wondering if I’m good enough, if I deserve even what I have, when things will end, and on and on. I want to make improvements, but where to start?

I don’t want to completely imitate other great blogs, but I want to be just as inspiring to others as those wonderful blogs I read are to me! I guess this whole post is just a little introspection, airing out a few doubts, putting my thoughts out there. Maybe this is a good way to reach someone. 🙂

Now, onto what you really came here for, a little bit of knitting progress!


Spring cleaning kicked in & I took some time to reorganize my yarn cabinet and put in some new acquisitions into Ravelry. Plus I took some time to really weigh some partial skeins and put that info into Rav as well. It felt great to get this beast a little more organized, plus it was SOOOOO nice to just fondle all the yarn. I totally pulled everything out.


While I was going through bags of yarn scraps, I found all these stitch markers!!!! I guess I can’t justify buying any more of those.


I also came across this lovely project…you remember the Never-Ending First Project. I’m going to put a few rows on that bad boy and see where it takes me. I’ve got 2.5 balls of yarn (Artful Yarns Vineyard, 55/45 wool/acrylic in color 7908) involved so far and 1.5 to go.

Finally, I know this is a wee bit long, but I can’t leave out linking up with these lovelies!
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11 thoughts on “Side Effects of Happiness

  1. I think we all feel this way sometimes, and I try to remember to resist the urge to compare myself to others. They’re doing what they’re doing, and I’m doing what I’m doing as best I can with the time I have. (It’s so hard to be that zen sometimes, though, for sure.)

  2. I think those sound like perfectly normal concerns! I know I worry about that stuff all the time and if I didn’t enjoy blogging so much, I wouldn’t be doing it myself (I try to remind myself of that when views, comments and interactions seem slow too). Love seeing your progress 🙂

    1. What a fantastic way to look at it! To understand your happiness so you can replicate it. Thank you for sharing your perspective. I will have to use this next time I start feeling like an imposter 🙂

  3. There’s nothing wrong with a little introspection, but don’t let it get you down. Enjoy your happiness and be proud of all that you accomplished!
    And you stash looks fantastic! It must’ve been so calming to reorganise all those beautiful skeins.

  4. I think everyone feels that way at times….the blog thing can be tough…I do see so many beautiful and inspiring blogs….but I also think many of them are used as a gateway to the the talented maker behind them….meaning the author in some way is also running a business…so its in their best interest to put so much more time and investment in their blogs….

  5. I try not to read those side effects, I take some meds that are crazy with the lists. I let the doctor warn me and the pharmacist. I love that blogs are different in many ways and that everyone has something different to share. happiness is happiness and it in invaluable!!

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