Missing in Action

WIP Wednesday

Hi!!! I’ve missed you guys and this space! It’s been a day or two.

I have been knitting, but mostly I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog roll…I subbed 4 of 5 days last week and that left very little time for all this. When things get hectic, I try to unplug a bit from being online and use my free time to actually knit!

The weather here has been awesome! Even Sis has found a cozy spot in the sun with the window open.


Speaking of knitting, I have been working on this:

yarn along1

It’s a sample for McNeedles. It’s a version of the Taiyo Linier Top in some beautiful bright purple Firefly by Classic Elite Yarns.

Firefly is 75% viscose & 25% linen. It’s a little stiff in the ball, but as I’m knitting it up, it’s so soft and lustrous!

I’m also still reading Come Be My Light about Mother Teresa. Did I mention I’ve been trying to knit in my free time? Sadly, that means that reading has taken a backseat…I shouldn’t be doing that since these are on loan from the library.

Linking up with these lovely ladies:
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You should head over to some of those link ups if you are looking for inspiration or just have a moment or maybe a few hours to spend browsing!


5 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. Love that purple yarn!

    Since I commute using public transit, most of my reading gets done on the train. I’ve tried taking my yarnwork on the train , but I lose count, drop stitches, misread pattern notes… After losing one of my Addi turbo tips, I said no more train knitting. Just train reading.

  2. I miss reading a book that isn’t strictly required to get my degree.. Enjoy your knitting time, it’s very wise to take the time to be unplugged and just knit.

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