Happy Mother’s Day

I’m back! I really haven’t been gone, but I sort of have. My mom came to visit last week and we headed down to Table Rock Lake in southwest Missouri. We stayed at the Big Cedar Lodge…so beautiful.


We went fishing for Smallmouth Bass on Friday. I didn’t reel one in, but mom and Jordan did. Here’s the only proof I have…


Mom caught the biggest one 🙂 it was great to spend time with her and really catch up. So the blog suffered a bit. And I’ve missed reading everyone’s posts too. I thought it would be perfect to jump back in on Mother’s Day after spending so much time with my mom.

I went for a wonderful walk and saw these beauties…

flower1 flower2 flower4

Truly all those April showers have brought these lovely flowers. I’ll see what I can do about getting back in the groove, especially with the Freshly Finished Friday link up!


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Welcome back! As the mom of a grown daughter, I love seeing daughters and moms have fun together. I love hanging out with my daughter, and I’m always amazed at the adult she has grown into!

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