Always Wear Sunscreen

At this point in my life, I would say that I’ve had a fair amount of experiences. I’m in my late twenties. I’ve been to college, I’ve taught middle school math, I’ve coached volleyball, I’m married, I am a cat mom…I’d like to think I’m an adult. I’d like to think I’ve learned some valuable lessons and obtained some valuable skills.

However, I have not mastered applying, wearing, reapplying sunscreen. I’d say that as I’ve aged and seen the effects of skin cancer on some of my family and friends I have made adjustments to my skin care routine. I wear sunscreen on my face everyday, whether I leave the house or not, whether I go into the sun or not, whether it’s cloudy or rainy or I’m driving or walking or buying groceries. When I go into the sun on beach days or lake days or pool days, I put on sunscreen, usually somewhere around SPF 50. I try to reapply every couple hours…

I played in a sand volleyball tournament on Saturday. You know I said I was playing a lot of volleyball…I could probably play 7 nights a week here! But I’m usually around 3, maybe 4…so I played in this tournament. I wore a tank top. I put on sunscreen before I went out. I even reapplied. Just one of those skills I don’t have. I’m not sure if I worked hard at it, I would even be successful.

For instance: When we were on the beach for my bachelorette party the week before my wedding, I made the same valiant attempts only to have a sun burn outlining the shape of my hand on one of my arms.

Just not one of those life skills I’ve mastered. Even with practice :/

But I can say I will keep practicing. Just like I practice my knitting. I’m no master knitter, but I can say I’ve improved! I’ve been working hard trying to finish up the Linier Top…


it’s got some ideas percolating in my brain about modifying the elongated stitches to create a top I get to keep šŸ™‚ We shall see. I have to finish this one first! I’m hoping I won’t run out of yarn!


What about you? Any life skills you think you should have mastered and haven’t quite managed? Is there hope for my sunscreen journey??


8 thoughts on “Always Wear Sunscreen

  1. sunscreen is a tough one! Thankfully they make clothes that are SPF 50, and that is what I would recommend – and a hat. I know, volleyball in a hat? Well, do the best you can. Vacuuming is a life skill I haven’t mastered, and hope I never do.

  2. Seriously! I’m 34 and still haven’t mastered that skill for myself. Although I have managed to keep my kids from getting burned, so apparently it’s a skill I CAN manage. And that yarn is a really pretty color.

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