Getting There

So we knit and knit and knit, but sometimes the things stay on the needles! I can’t understand why even after all the stitches (I think) I put onto these lovely Technicolor Socks, I still feel like I’m a few rows from actually starting the toe decreases on the right sock!! I think the left sock is ready.



Maybe I’ll blame it on my long toes. Or on the US 0 needles.

Maybe I shouldn’t blame them at all. It’s so nice to have a mindless knitting project to cart around in my purse that’s not huge (here’s looking at you Turia)


or doesn’t need a book to travel with it (Bootstrap Socks that are ready for the heel)


or doesn’t need to be really looked at every stitch (Curl #2 Cerise)


or isn’t turning out like I think I want (Colour Change Scarf)


or isn’t a general pain in the bum (Skinty Stripe Scarf)Β with a kitty supervisor


or doesn’t need a chart, pencil, row counter and complete silence (Catkin Shawl)…


That’s all the current WIPs and most of them are not travel worthy…maybe I should just finish these socks and turn the heel on the Bootstrap Socks so I can have more things to travel with and some empty needles?

Or the alternative…

I could start something new! Maybe keep it in line with my Love Your Library Challenge and work on a Curl or another pair of socks from Sock Architecture? I could go and check out all the lovelies at Keep Calm & Craft On for inspiration…

What would you do in this situation, keep your nose down and finish or venture into the stash for something fresh and new?


16 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. heehee….you don’t want us to really answer that, do you?
    I’m getting ready to head to the beach….not only have I cast on something new, and packed way more WIPs than I could possibly finish in a month–let alone the week we’ll be gone, BUT I’ve also included yarn and needles NYCO (not yet cast on); the bummer is—- yesterday, I pulled something out of the travel pile and knit it up real quick. My dilemma—do I stash dive to replace it or let it go?
    OK. What would YOU do!?!

  2. Considering I only have two active wips at the moment I would likely cast on something else, but you’re covered in that regard. Finish the socks and then celebrate with a new cast on!

  3. Let’s swap socks….hahaha Your first pair look lovely. What size do you wear? I’m impressed with your zeros. I’m all about motivational knitting. Grab more needles. I broke my yarn diet this month for my bday. Knit what makes you happy #YOLO

    1. I was a little nutty to take on zeroes, I usually knit socks on a US 2.5, but I’ve been experimenting with gauge looking for a tighter fabric, 0s were a big jump, I’m trying 1s on the second pair…
      I’m loving your socks and we may be able to switch πŸ™‚ I wear a women’s 10…and I’m seriously considering a yarn diet “cheat” day…I’ve got a gift card to Webs that may be nearing its due date πŸ™‚

      1. Oh wow. I’m too scared to change needles to drastically. These are supposed to be for me, but I might feel the ‘toes too long syndrome’ too. You got baby feet– I’m a size 10.5- 11 Ha!!! At what point do you stop and start decrease to toes? We seriously need a ‘big foot’ guide to sck knitting for ladies. As for cheat day– do it. I’m buying a couple different types of sock yarn to see what works best for me. And Webs is awesome!!!

      2. πŸ™‚ I start the toe decreases usually when the socks come up over my big toe knuckle to the base of my big toe…I’m sure there is a science to it, but I’m just winging it!!

  4. Missy's Crafty Mess

    Both pairs of socks are looking great as are your scarves/shawls but I really like the last one. I understand the need for portable mindless knitting projects. I just casted on the KITKAT hat this morning.

    1. Thank you! I also love the Catkin…I just need some lovely super quiet time to put in some work. Maybe after I finish my socks πŸ™‚ The KitKat hat is darling! I may need one of those!!

  5. My first reaction to such a situation is always to cast on something new. I used to berate myself for being in a state of permanent startitis, but eventually I figured out that it’s just knitting! It’s a leisure activity. I can do whatever I want!

  6. Lovely projects, I like that Bootstrap pattern.

    I don’t like having too many projects on the go as I feel like I’m never finishing any of them. Three projects at a time seems to be my happy number lol

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