Suddenly It’s Saturday!

And August…all at the same time! Another one of those weeks where I wake up and wonder where exactly all my time has gone. I guess that’s what happens when you are back to working full time.

Anyway, I had the most wonderful Friday evening. My husband and I picked up pizza, had a few hoppy beers, and had our first real financial planning meeting. I think in all relationships, talking about finances is both incredibly important and very challenging at the same time. We’ve been married for 2 years and we dated for 7 years before that. I would like to think we know each other pretty well, but it seems that finances are not something we delved into during these last 9 years…don’t get me wrong, we have talked money before, but not too personal. Mostly about spending habits and credit card bills.

This meeting was different. We brought goals to the table…all sorts of goals, from financial to retirement to savings even all the way down to where I want to take this blog.

That’s where I’m really heading with this. But it felt so great to talk through everything I don’t want to lose the feeling of it. So I thought I’d bring a little bit here.

I’d like to make a move here with the blog. First off, I’d like to move to my own dot com and take the “wordpress” part out…

I think that would allow for a bit more freedom here and I would be able to host the Friday link up (that I missed yesterday) right on my page. It wouldn’t direct you to an outside page.

I don’t want to change the feel of my blog. I want to keep it about my knitting and little peeks into my everyday life. It feels honest that way without getting too bogged down with the tough things that could be going on. I love that I can come here and be lighthearted or deep or funny or silly or just be.

So in the next 30 days, be on the look out for that shift to a new home. I think I’m ready.

For your patience and willingness to read my thoughts, here’s tasty little morsel of knitting.



It’s my Catkin Shawl by Carina Spencer…It’s been on the needles since October of last year and I’m 20 rows from the finish 🙂 Just in time to add to my total for stash dash 🙂


10 thoughts on “Suddenly It’s Saturday!

  1. When you get ready to make the move, check out I made the move to self hosted back in January and have been very happy with them. Very reasonable and helpful. You’ll love having your own .com!

  2. Mitzi Levens

    Hey Jenna, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Your mom told me about it at a recent McNeedles event. Sure miss seeing ya. Hope you get a chance to come back home soon and come by the shop and say HI! Good luck with the finances, its always tricky, but always necessary

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