Fall Cleaning?

I think it could be a thing 🙂 Since starting the full time job and coaching JV Volleyball at a local high school, my time at home has dramatically decreased. I’ve stopped playing in all but 1 of my volleyball leagues and tried to get back to the gym and knitting one night a week. All in all, it has made me more aware of my limited time at home and all the chores I need to do.

Anyway, the cleaning bug bit this weekend. Saturday, we ran errands and spent some quality time together. Sunday, we met Jordan’s brother for breakfast at the Original Pancake House and went to Mass. Then we came home and started putting away laundry and picking up. I was so inspired, I overhauled my entire closet.


I took out clothes I haven’t worn and didn’t fit. I hung up all my clothes. I organized my cardigans. I went through my handknits.


I put away my *cough*storebought*cough* scarves…


When I woke up this morning and went to my closet to get dressed for work, I opened the door and was met with a sense of calm.


I pulled out a few handknits I don’t wear and am planning to donate to my local knitting guild. They donate tons of hats, scarves, blankets, baby things to various charities in our area. I’m hoping someone will be able to wear these.

Still working on whittling down a service to use for going my own way on the web. It’s between wordpress & squarespace. I’m leaning towards worpress since I already have an account and think the transition could be easiest here. I would hate to lose the previous 129 posts I’ve made here. Such a comfortable place, but I’m ready to stretch my legs.

Hopefully see you Wednesday for Yarn Along/Whatcha Workin On/Stitch Along/Keep Calm & Craft On so I can show off my nearly finished Catkin 🙂



3 thoughts on “Fall Cleaning?

  1. When we started the process of selling out house I went through the closet and reorganized. I ended up color coordinating my tops! After the move I kept the system and now 6 years later it’s still colorized from white/cream to black. I don’t bother with my capris or pants since I don’t have a lot of different colors in those. I haven’t gone so far as to do my shoes since they are all in boxes! LOL

  2. Good for you! Reading your post was downright inspiring! I was supposed to go through the entire house this summer to get ready to sell it in 2016, but I didn’t get very far. I think I’m going to have to use weekends like you!

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