Barleys for Everyone!!!


I’m here!

I’m still knitting!

It’s been a few days…weeks…almost…a month? Perhaps?

I feel like October has come and is almost gone before I even got used to writing the date. Volleyball season kicked into high gear, I traveled to a wedding, and overall, things have been pretty non-stop. Until Monday, the 19th, I had been ending every night very late after very full days…

But I’ve felt like I’ve been missing you guys! In the Knitting Blogosphere!! I haven’t been reading or commenting…my inspiration has been waning…and what a shame as its FALL!! The season of knitting.

So I thought I’d ease back in. On a Wednesday. With a little WIP update…


It’s a Barley hat for my neighbor, a charming free pattern from Tin Can Knits šŸ™‚

I whipped up one for his darling daughter who is a little past her 1st birthday and had outgrown the one I knit her for her arrival into this world and I thought, hm, wouldn’t it just be fantastic if their whole family had matching hats?

I can see you shaking your head yes, and I am too! So I pulled out some Berroco Vintage Chunky in a lovely khaki that I’ve been hoarding, er, holding onto in my stash for a while and cast on for the largest size.

I made it about 4 inches and slipped it over my head. Now, I don’t have a large head, but this thing was huge!!! So I ripped it back, cast on 12 fewer stitches and have been merrily clicking along.

With any luck, I’ll have it finished soon and I can start on one for his wife šŸ™‚ I’m stuck trying to decide on a color for hers…

What do you vote for?


Perhaps I’ll stripe it a bit…

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