Weekly WIP #2

You know how you have knitting projects. And you start them. And you knit them. And then all the sudden something else shakes its little yarny tail at you and then you’re right back at the “start them” and “knit them” and “ooooh shiny”…

Do you then stare wistfully at your growing pile of WIPs and think, gosh, I’d like to finish some of those…why did I put that one down? I’d really like to wear that one…

In an effort to focus, even just a little bit, I’m highlighting another WIP of the week!

You’ll never guess which one it is…


That’s right, its a new one, not even one of these listed on my project page (you know, the ones that are the subject of the wistful stare). It’s a Barley hat for my neighbor.

After everyone’s thoughtful input, and a hard look at the grams I had in each color, I decided to stripe up two of the colors.

It’s the lovely gray and the light blue. I’m hoping she’ll love it.

One thing I’m so grateful for is how my round starts right by the garter section which hide the jog from the color change. See?


I think after I finish this one, I’ll take a rest from Barley, but it is a wonderful pattern. Maybe I’ll head back into the pile of WIPs to work on one of those things I stare at so wistfully.

Linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm & Craft On and Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along.


6 thoughts on “Weekly WIP #2

  1. I grabbed yarn and took it to a hockey game Saturday night to knit a Barley. Bad timing as it’s dark yarn, intense game, and I didn’t grab my notions box so I had NO markers!!! I actually didn’t do too bad at noticing I was at the change of sts for the garter ridges. Just a few times it had to be ripped back. Now to make a striped one!!! it is gorgeous in stripes.

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