Wow, it’s already November…and I am not quite sure how we got here so quickly!! I still feel like we were just beginning August…fall has just flown by! We have arrived in November and one of the coolest months of the year in the creative community.

The title of this post, NaKniSweMo means National Knit a Sweater Month…and it’s just like it sounds. People all over the knitting world take on the fun challenge of starting and completing a sweater in a month’s time.

The concept is modeled after NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month where people attempt to write a novel in a month.Β I think it would be a heck of a challenge, but also incredibly motivating…what a deadline! It helps people just to sit down and WRITE! No matter what…just sit down and put in the time to write. I don’t have the desire to write a novel, but the idea of the sweater knitting is certainly enticing.

This will be my first year to participate in the event and I’m pumped…however I’m not going to “start & finish” a sweater in November…I thought it could be a great way to finish up my languishing Turia sweater. Each time I get on Ravelry and see the sad, unfinished project page, I’m reminded a) how I want to wear it b) how I want to finish it!! So I need to dig it out and get going!


I’m also feeling like I’m not prepared to start a brand new sweater…yes I have yarn and the pattern, but I’d have to go diving for needles. Plus there’s the issue of swatching to determine if I even have the right needles to get gauge.


Work I’m not ready to do, so I’ll just go with the obvious choice. I mean, I’ve already started the sleeves πŸ™‚


Are you participating in NaKniSweMo??



16 thoughts on “Na-Kni-Swe-Mo

  1. Theo DeAndrea

    What a beautiful looking sweater! I’m doing NaKnitSweMo for the first time this year too. Cant wait to see what this looks like when its all done.

  2. How could I have missed knowing about this???!!! Like you, I really need to just finish a couple languishing in time-out. Maybe before the month’s out….I’ll drag out a UFO!!! Hip deep in Christmas bazaar knitting at the moment.

  3. Up until now I’d seen the NaKniSweMo tag floating around but had no clue what it meant! I was constantly trying to decipher.. the Kni part wasn’t too hard but Na and Swe had me scrachting my head. So thanks for the explanation πŸ˜‰ I was planning on casting on a cardigan in November, but I guess I’m not convinced I would actually finish it in one month..

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