Second Sock Syndrome…

I would guess that if you are a knitter of socks, you are quite familiar with Second Sock Syndrome. Even if you don’t knit socks and just knit anything, you can probably guess what SSS is…in most scenarios, Second Sock Syndrome occurs when one finishes one sock and delays/dreads/doesn’t start the second sock. It can happen when knitters are in fear of diving into a second sock of boredom or mistakes…I usually am afflicted with boredom.

I’m someone who does not usually enjoy knitting the same pattern more than once. There are exceptions like basic socks (oh irony), hats, and the perfect, quick baby blanket. Otherwise, I’m a one and done kind of knitter.

Thus I’m generally bored of the sock and delay starting the second one in fear of being bored.

However, I may have discovered a new form of SSS. I’m dying to start this second sock!!!!

They are my Bootstrap socks. I have been wearing the 3 pairs of wool socks I’ve made non-stop and I would love to have these finished too so I can add them into the rotation.

Except, I’m being stopped. By this:

Yes, it’s still the Skinty Striped Scarf. I’m trying to remain faithful but it’s hard. I want my sock. I want my finished pair of socks.

I made about this much progress last week, and I’m going to stick this out, at least through the end of the week. Then I’ll re-evaluate 🙂

Linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On…don’t know if I’m particularly calm, but we shall give it a go 🙂

It did help airing out a little frustration here. Perhaps tomorrow I can stare at all the other stuff I want to finish/start…


10 thoughts on “Second Sock Syndrome…

  1. My current socks have been on the needles since July 🙂 It’s gorgeous yarn you’re using. Have you tried knitting socks two at a time, some people find it helps them avoid second sock syndrome. For me I found it frustrating as it felt like it took twice as long to knit a sock although at the end I obviously had two lol

  2. I admit it: I like smaller projects. I need to develop more patience for the bigger ones!
    The yarns in both the socks pictured are so amazing! This is why I make so many socks! Sock yarn is irresistible!

  3. what a happy dilemma to have two projects you are smitten with!!! (Love those shoes, btw!!!) I’ve knit the scarf and it’s one of my favorites…..and who wouldn’t be anxious to wear those socks!!! ? Enjoy your happy place…..if you are like me, sooner or later you’ll find yourself with nothing that feels right to knit. How does this happen???????

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