The Weekly WIP That Won’t Quit

Where is my time going!? I guess with my full time job and the short daylight hours, I feel like each day has come and gone before I am even able to relax & knit. Maybe I should pick up my needles in the early morning hours instead.

And it’s Wednesday!!!! How did I get here! You may be asking yourself the same thing…almost only a week away from Christmas…The Skinty Stripe Scarf is still on the needles.

I’m second guessing exactly how long I want to make it…how much more yarn to put in…how many more black stripes…how much more time…how much more patience do I have for this project…how much longer I can resist other projects!?

Linking up with these fantastic ladies!
Tammy at Life & Yarn for Stitch Along Wednesday
Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm & Craft On
Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along
Beth at iknead2knit for Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

Hopefully this Friday will be fully equipped with a Freshly Finished Friday…it’s been a while so you should have a lot to link up with 🙂


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