Almost Finished Friday… 

You may have guessed that I didn’t quite make it to the finish line that I imposed earlier this week on the Skinty Stripe Scarf. 

See “what had happened was…”

I have been monogamously knitting on the thing for 3 weeks now. I’m not excited about it anymore. I want to finish it because I know the recipient will love it…also it’s been on 3 different sets of needles for far too long. 

Back to why it’s still going…

I have this bit of lace weight left and I want to use as much as possible. Plus I want the scarf to be a good length. It’s hard to know exactly what will work because I’m literal a foot taller than the recipient and I like to wear my scarves a certain way and I love when they are really long. Since I’m almost 6 feet tall, I love a long scarf. 

So the dilemma. I think it’s long enough, I have more yarn, I want to start the decreases and Christmas is next Friday! It also doesn’t help that I’m dying to knit ANYTHING else. 

Hopefully Sunday I can show you something finished 🙂 look at all those ends!!

Happy Friday!!


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