It’s a WIP on a deadline…

That’s right…a deadline that I’m not making up!

This is on the needles for a small human who’s “baking”…my friend, Leigh is a 1st grade teacher and expecting her first baby. A few of her students have asked her “When’s that baby goin’ to be done baking?” I guess that’s the charm of teaching 1st graders.

While I’m excited for sweet baby girl’s arrival, I’m hoping she takes her sweet time as I’m only on the second stripe of her blanket!! March 6 will arrive quickly and I’m hoping to be a bit further.

I’m making Espace Tricot’s Chevron Baby Blanket.

Leigh and family live in Tennessee where it’s not too cool, so I went with Berroco’s Weekend. It’s a cotton/acrylic blend that holds up well to washing and keeps babies cool. I love that it comes in so many different colors. Just a workhorse baby yarn…super soft too.

I’m looking forward to the sweet baby girl’s arrival. Wish me great speed on the needles 🙂

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Feels so good to be back!!



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