Birthday Adventures…

Yes, I had a birthday. Almost a month ago! Time was getting away from me and I was trying to get back to posting…it was January 11. I had a wonderful Monday that week…turning 29 and all. Then I traveled to Memphis the following weekend to see some friends, spend time with my Mom, and check out a yarn store I’ve been dying to see!!

First up, let me just say that my weekend was fabulous! I miss my friends in Memphis so much and I miss my mom even more! It was so great to spend time with them…I am a little disappointed to say that I don’t think we snapped one picture of the group!

Enough of that…I know you’re really here for the yarn store part πŸ™‚ About a year before I moved to Louisville (maybe 2012-ish) I learned there was a yarn store down in Oxford, Mississippi…steps from the Ole Miss campus. I put it on my radar and thought, I should try to get down there before I move…fast-forward to 2016 and the thousands (ok, maybe only like 20 or so) of trips I’ve made back to Memphis and I still hadn’t made the time to check out the shop.

So on Saturday, January 16, after a lovely, leisurely morning with lots of coffee and lots of catching up, I loaded up my Mom in the car and we zipped down the Oxford. It didn’t take us long before we were cruising around the town, amazed by how big the Ole Miss campus is (I went to a college with roughly 2000 other students…) and we were met by the little shop, tucked up in front of a strip mall, next to a Pizza Hut. I neglected to take a picture of the shop, but when I tell you it was an unexpected gem…just imagine it πŸ™‚

Or you can visit them here, on the web. I was delighted, enchanted, inspired when I walked in…filled with beautiful yarns, carefully curated for the knitter in a warmer climate…not to mention being a flagship store for Quince & Co…my first time seeing them in real life…and I couldn’t decide what to make! So I walked out of the yarn shop…without YARN!!! I was/am trying to stay faithful to the Chevron Baby Blanket


and the Hammerhavn Sock Test Knit


I know. But I did buy myself a little birthday gift.

It’s a Curly Girl Mug. I love the saying about the cowboy boots…I’m going to have to pull mine out more often. I used to wear mine all the time, then I just stopped.

It was a fun weekend and I’m super happy I was able to visit a shop I’d never been too…

They even offer free shipping! When I’m ready for my Quince & Co project, I know who I’ll be calling! I’ve been staying monogamous with the blanket and the socks…

I guess working on two projects at once isn’t monogamous…but it feels that way since I’m not putting any rows on the other 5 WIPs I’ve got on the needles for me…

That baby is coming! A month away! And the Test knit deadline is right around then too! I’d better get back to it!


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