So it’s Saturday. Things have settled down. The school decided to part ways with my partner teacher and quickly hired a substitute teacher as a full time replacement. I’m glad for the closure even if its not what I wanted…I know that something good has to come of this even if I can’t see it now. My partner has been hired to teach special education in another district. I’m happy to hear she is back in the classroom…she helps kids be better people!

I’m heart broken over the whole situation. I feel like I step onto an island every day at my job. I’m really focusing on why I’m there…not for me but for the kids I serve. I just have to keep that in my focus. Not the craziness. Keep trying to be my best for all my kids.

I am trying to keep knitting…been working on socks for Jordan. They are fantastic…moving slowly on US 0s…but they will be a firm sock and hopefully more comfortable to wear.


And a hat for my nephew that he requested…he drew me a picture of what he wanted and everything! I made it using the very pdx hat pattern since it has a double brim. With Will living in Omaha and it being obnoxiously cold there, I thought I would make the hat as warm as I could…come to think of it I’m wondering if I should have made the whole thing doubled…oh well. We shall see. I’m hoping it is what he asked for.

I’m also clicking along on this baby blanket for a little one who is supposed to arrive in January…it’s such a chill project…just knitting around and around with a few strategically placed increases. I love the colors I chose too 🙂


Also I started a couple of things for myself…first this giant sweater “West Coast Cardigan” out of some sheepy Briggs and Little Country Roving. I’ve separated for the sleeves and need to get going on the body. I’ve put it on hold to finish the hat for Will and socks for Jordan and the baby blanket, but it is beautiful!


And this cowl from Maine Knits called the Agamenticus Cowl out of some special yarn I picked up during Summer’s Last Blast Yarn Crawl in St. Louis…it’s Knitorious’ own yarn…a fingering weight yarn 540 yd, “Rare undyed colors…sumptuous pure Merino softness…30 years of dedication to super fine genetics: we are Genopalette. From our farm along the Missouri River, many thanks for joining us on our luxury fiber adventure.” I’m holding the yarn double and knitting on a size 7…it is going to be lovely.

I’ve been hesitant to write…not quite knowing what to say. I wanted to talk about my knitting and my life a bit. I know things aren’t what they used to be on here. I don’t visit as much or as regularly. This space was so crucial for me when I began and now I feel like it’s a luxury to even have the time to visit. I’m grateful it is here and that someone some where is reading this.

Until I write again,


6 thoughts on “Here

  1. I’m sorry there is upheaval and drama going on at your school. It’s still early in the year and they let go a teacher? Well I’m glad you have your knitting to keep you going and sane. I like how you knitted all those colors like that for your nephew’s hat. Is that intarsia?

  2. Please don’t give up on your blog Jenna. I love seeing your knitting and reading about your projects.
    I knit and also crochet and do counted cross stitch.

  3. So glad to see your post! I too have taken a blogging break, but I plan on starting up again the first of the year. It’s been quiet around Casa Coleman lately and shareable content has been a little thin. I may need to go ahead and stir something up! Great projects, btw and don’t get discouraged. Loved your blog since its beginning.

  4. Glad to see you here and see all that you have been knitting! So may lovely projects. As for work, the way you are doing it, keeping your goal in your field of vision at all times is the way to go. It will get better. One way or another. Hang in there and keep your eyes open for a new position, too.

  5. Oh I’m so sorry that it turned out that way……it sucks when it happens to good teachers. I’m the union rep at my school and I’ve had to sit in some awful meetings…..I’ve also observed some teachers that really did need to find a different line of work…..

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