Hello Today!!

Here I am, back at this. I’ve been wanting to write but I wasn’t sure what to say. Perhaps I’ll start with everything that has been going on this holiday. We had a half day for our last day of school on Wednesday, the 20th. It was a pretty good day. I ate a lot of junk food and subsisted on spicy pretzels and chocolate chip cookies until dinner that night.

That evening my mom and my brother and his wife and daughter all arrived at my place for the holiday. Thankfully I got the house mostly cleaned up. It was fun having them in town for the holiday. It was my brother’s family’s first trip to St. Louis and it was a cold one! We went to the zoo and ate lots of yummy food. In fact, there has been so much yummy food that I’m pretty sure it is going to take another Whole 30 for me to feel right again.

We had a great time. It was so nice to be away from school. I’m sort of dreading going back at the moment, but maybe by next week I’ll be ready 🙂 I’ve got some work to do and so maybe I’ll go up there tomorrow after I take my father-in-law to the airport. Its been a busy full holiday and I’m almost ready for some slow, alone time. Jordan is working again so my days have been quiet.

I’ve been trying to get as much knitting as possible done, but it is slow going. I’m not sure why. I want to work on everything, but gifts for other people have taken over…even though I only want to work on my sweater…I feel like I should knock out the other little things for everyone else then I can work on the sweater, guilt-free…except that I keep thinking of stuff to knit for everyone else!

First up, I’m still trying to finish Jordan’s socks…I think I’m at the toe of at least one, maybe both. That means I need to pay attention and just get them finished. They are just some basic socks I knit on a US size 0 in some Opal sock yarn. It’s a nice tight gauge. I’m hoping they will wear nicely.

I’ve also got this crazy Copycat CC beanie going on for a friend, Charryse. She went on a trip to Portland, Oregon and visited a yarn store. She picked out a few skeins of yarn as a gift. Each time she comes over she inevitably picks up one of the skeins and comments on how soft and beautiful it is. I thought it needed to become something for her. Hence the cast on for the CC beanie…I knit the thing initially on a US size 6 without the doubled brim…knit the whole thing, tried it on and felt like the cast on edge was too tight and in general too small…so I ripped it back, did the double brim and on the US size 7 like the pattern calls for and I’m knitting right along. I’m on the first purl section after folding over the brim.

I also knit my brother one of the very PDX hats while he was here…I spent some serious time on it while waiting in Urgent Care with my husband on Christmas Eve to be seen for a case of strep throat. I knit it in some Berroco Vintage…it should wear nicely. He seemed happy with it.

I haven’t knit on anything else…I did wash some yarn and it was a mess. Its the yarn for my Turia sweater. It was living in a bag that one of my cats thought was doubling as a litter box and so it needed to be washed. The linen is extra soft now, but I am finding that I have no desire to knit the thing now. Maybe inspiration will strike soon.

I was comforted after my last post to get such nice notes from folks who read this little corner of the internet. 🙂 You guys really are so sweet and supportive. Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoy being able to connect on here with you guys. So thank you.

I’m going to go and work on my knitting. But it does feel good to stop in.


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