A 2 Year Blogiversary??

So it looks like I just missed my 2 year Blogging Anniversary…or perhaps a Blogiversary? I am saddened that I have had to take some time away from this space. I’ve been trying to keep up with this wonderfully digital fiber world on Instagram…a quick, little taste of what everyone seems to be working on. I guess that’s what happens when you start searching for jobs, interviewing, and taking an online class for continuing education.

Something’s Gotta Give ๐Ÿ™‚ Just so happened that it was here that fell off. I’ve missed this place and my connections with you guys!

So I’m coming back! I think maybe once a week for now, but we’ll see!

I know what you really came here for…not these silly excuses and such, but the knitting.

Without further ado…


How about those socks from the Weekly WIP #6 post??


I finally did recount, redo the gusset increases and turn some heels! I did this on the trip down to Memphis for BBQ Fest in May…just took me about a month and a half to pick those back up! Now I’m in the home stretch! Working my way up the leg.

These are my purse knitting…as a quick reminder, they are the Strie Socks (Toe-Up version) from Lara Neel’s Sock Architecture out of Zitron Trekking in the Tobago colorway.


Anyway, I’ll keep it brief and just know that I feel like I’m coming home.


Back to the WIPs

I feel like a broken record saying I’m sorry for being away and I’ve missed this space and catching up with everyone and seeing all the progress of everyone’s projects. I have been knitting and reading and cooking. But you know how when you’ve spent time away and the longer it goes on the harder it is to jump back in? That was a long rhetorical question…but it’s where I am.

I have been knitting. Like on this beautiful Linier Top out of the Firefly.


It’s so pretty and soft and drapey. I know it will be just beautiful.


There is also this darling Aviatrix hat I’m making out of leftover Liberty Wool Light from this baby blanket. I just need to pick up the stitches on the other ear flab and find a button and it will be done!


Mostly, I’ve been missing this outlet and this connection. I feel so out of touch with the knitting world! I don’t know what anyone is knitting this week and it’s a little sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I just don’t know if I’ll really be getting back into my normal routine, but I’d like to give it a good try. My bloglovin’ feed is so long and it feels overwhelming when I click on posts and realize I’ve got 350+ posts to catch up on and then I feel rushed and I don’t comment. Sounds like lots of self-inflicted trouble!

In the madness I also missed my blog anniversary! I’m so excited I’ve hit the one year mark. I feel like I’ve grown a bit as a knitter, definitely taking on bigger, more complicated projects but also just appreciating the easier projects. Not to mention the awesome community of people I’ve had the opportunity to get to know!!

Anyway, it feels good to be back ๐Ÿ™‚

100 Reasons to Love the Blog

Don’t worry, the list isn’t that long ๐Ÿ™‚ but if you really do want 100 reasons to love the blog, how about clicking back through the 100 posts I’ve written! That’s right! What a fun, exciting accomplishment and coming at such a good time.

A Playful Day

Kate at A Playful Day has taken on the challenge of #aninspired2015 and this month she’s helping us to “Fall Back in Love with Your Blog.” You can read more about the idea linked here. As the first week’s prompt, we are supposed to take a look at community and interactions. She doesn’t specify which community and who to interact with, so we will see where this goes.

I’ve talked previously about all the changes that have happened in my life over the last 18 months. I left a job, got married, moved to Louisville, got new jobs, left new jobs, moved to St. Louis, had a new baby niece…I’m sure there are other things, but that’s the bare bones of it. When things started changing for me, I was really struggling. People, titles, places were all different. In some instances the feeling of a fresh, new start was overwhelmingly welcome and a the same time, incredibly terrifying.

About 9 months into our marriage and a new city and new jobs, I was starting to really, REALLY wish for the familiar. I was struggling to be my best self and my best friend and husband noticed. I felt so guilty for falling into this funk and pulling him down too. In a moment of genius, he suggested I start a blog.

I had tried blogging before. Once about cooking, once about my life, once about lists I made. I didn’t think this time would be different. He said I should blog about something I was really interested in. I thought, “I tried that before and it got me no where.” He pointed out that what I was interested in was what I was spending most, if not all, of my free time doing: knitting.

So true. Since we moved, I found such comfort in knitting and creating with my hands. It was something I felt I could still do and be good at even if I didn’t have a teaching job or even if I wasn’t in the best shape. There was rarely a day I did not knit or think about knitting or browse Ravelry. I had been seeking out groups to knit with in the city and frequenting my LYS just to sit on the couch with the ladies who worked there so I wouldn’t be home knitting alone.

I jumped in. I started this blog and found kindred spirits. People who loved to knit. People who didn’t go a day without at least some sort of fiber passing through their hands or their minds. I have felt encouraged and accepted and maybe even loved. I know I keep this space pretty positive and feeling such a positive response to my words and projects and even mistakes makes me so grateful I started this journey.

Ok, it’s getting long and I haven’t even gotten to the part where I read tons of blogs and feel so inspired and such a feeling of belonging to this fiber world that I can’t even explain it!

Maybe I’ll save that for next Monday’s prompt.

If you’ve got a moment or a thousand, pop over to A Playful Day’s post today, The Blog Is NOT Dead and explore the link up she’s got going on. I know I will.

What about you? How do you feel about the community and interactions you have here in the online fiber world?




Staring at the Screen

That’s what I find myself doing these days when I sit down to write a post. I don’t want to force this, but lately I’m not feeling like I have much to share. I have found having a blog this past 9 months to be very helpful in connecting me with other knitters. I like to think that someone out there is reading along and if they are sharing a similar experience maybe they find support while tackling some fiddly bit in a pattern or maybe just a laugh at my nutty reasoning.

I find that being away from this has resulted in me creeping back into my shell a bit. I had made a fine place in that shell when I moved the first time to Louisville and reaching out here has meant the world to me. I’d like to come back here and continue sharing what my needles click away on. I did just finish catching up on my super back logged blog roll!!

So without further ado, enter a few day late, dollar short-style Monday Musings (Yes, I’m aware it’s Tuesday).

Monday Musings

I’ve been knitting furiously on several WIPs that are holding on to needles I want to liberate. Selfishly, I started my first Curl, Caesious, using the needles I bought/set-aside/picked-out for my Turia sweater and has thus prevented me from starting said sweater. This could be good since I have a few things I would really love to complete before starting a sweater project.

But I’m super excited to start Turia! It’s been in my queue and on my knitting must-knit list for at least 4 years now. I first eyed it in McNeedles when I was working there in the summer of 2011. They had a shop sample, but I was still not a super serious knitter (read as willing to spend $$ on a sweater quantity of yarn) so I lusted after it. I picked out the yarn almost weekly and before I moved to Memphis to take a job teaching, I did buy the pattern booklet for Turia.


I didn’t buy the yarn. Even though I could have gotten a nice discount buying it while I worked at the shop. Like a woman-obsessed-but-in-denial, I would check every yarn shop I entered from that point forward to see if they had enough of the Berroco Linsey. I resisted, insisting that amount of money was not meant to be a sweater.

Then I went to Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago in 2013. Reasonable amounts of money to spend on yarn was suddenly put in perspective…and as luck would have it:

Early last year while visiting McNeedles, they had a giant sale and the yarn, Berroco’s Linsey was marked down and screaming at me to just go on a buy it already!! So I did and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to cast on.

I thought I would have managed it by now and even wound it all up back in November.

All that stands between me and knitting this sweater is less than 20 grams of Lorna’s Laces Sport being knit into my Caesious…let’s see if I can’t get this beast tackled and unleash the sweater!!!!

caesious yarn2

Maybe Wednesday. Wednesday seems like a good day to start new things ๐Ÿ™‚

Until then,


v’s & bumps,


The Wool Keeps Me Warm

WIP Wednesday The end of a beautiful year is upon us. In 2014, I had some wonderful adventures. I started a blog! I didn’t realize how awesome it would be to dive into the knitting blogosphere! I’ve read some awesome blogs (hop over to my Blogs I Read page for more…in fact I have a few to add) and had the opportunity to connect with some great people through the internet. I’ve been inspired to tackle all the knits. I’ve been encouraged when things aren’t quite going the way I want. And I’ve felt a huge sense of belonging to such a fantastic group of people. I knit my first garment(s)! Earlier this year, I blindly knit a top as a shop sample for McNeedles. I followed the directions and knit stockinette for miles. My only complaint? I couldn’t try it on because it was the smallest size! skinny lady After I finished that bad boy up, I came across several posts on blogs talking about a “Summer Sweater Knit-Along.” I had to play along! I bought yarn, swatched, and then it hibernated. I was inundated with trying to finish baby blankets and didn’t even cast on the crazy “summer sweater” until August? Not to mention I didn’t finish those million rounds of stockinette until October. But I love my Whispers top and look forward to wearing it more in the spring! IMG_1511 I moved to an awesome city!ย St. Louis has been magnificent! We are closer to family and have gotten to go to some awesome Cardinals baseball games and drink some of the tastiest beer. I was blessed with a new niece! Payton in Stocking Cap My brother graduated college! IMG_1605 And I’ve knitted my fingers off! I think I’ve finished like 35 projects this year! I’ve managed to whittle down my current WIPs to 8 and I’m nearly done with the Array Cowl. array I can say that I’m incredibly grateful for such an awesome year and I’m definitely looking forward to the new year! I’ve got some fun new things I want to talk about in the upcoming year and maybe a few changes to the look of the blog. So Happy New Year to you and yours!


v’s & bumps,


Linking with Tammy for her Stitch Along Wednesday & Ginny for Yarn Along & Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On.

Must. Weigh. Yarn!

holiday cheer

So the predicament I’m in with my socks. Thanks to all those wonderful bloggers and podcasters out there who whip up socks like its goin out of style, I have been really looking forward to finishing up and wearing my Technicolor Socks.


Enter the predicament.

I want the cuffs to be nice and long and I want minimal leftover yarn. And I want the socks to fit. So I’m not sure how much longer I can continue with the cuffs before turning the heel and have enough yarn to do the foot the correct length.


I’ve got 450 yards of yarn and I split the yarn into two (seemingly) equal balls when I frogged these the first time. The problem here is that they are seemingly equal. I don’t have a scale and couldn’t weigh them. And I don’t feel comfortable taking these into a LYS since I bought the yarn on a trip to Tucson a few years ago. I did buy the Karbonz needles at a store here. Maybe that counts??


I’m hoping that determining the weight of the socks knit so far and the remaining yarn will help me determine how much longer I can make my cuff before turning the heel and working the foot. Do any of you have an idea about how to determine this based on the weight??

Until I weigh the yarn, I guess these will have to hibernate. Does this give me freedom to cast on another pair?

I’ve got some 6-ply Regia Adventureย or some Indulgence 6-plyย that would be beautiful on some US size 2’s…


What would you do?


v’s & bumps,


I Swear I Swore Off Gift Knitting…

holiday cheer

How come even when I have this whole idea about gift knitting that has been in place for several knitting years I have somehow managed to rack up at least 4 gifts I want to finish in the next few weeks????

After my first Christmas as a knitter and the crazy notion that I could knit everyone something then, and failing miserably at that challenge…so much so that 5 years later, I STILL have yarn and projects queued up from that holiday, I made the pledge that I would not knit for the holidays. Instead, knitworthy folks would receive birthday presents. Even those time lines would stretch out, I would present people with their gifts days, weeks, and months late.

So instead of following my own rule of no holiday knitting, I have been ย swept up in the gift knitting that seem to be sweeping blogs and podcasts and all the knitting groups I knit with. And let’s face it, every time I come across a pattern I think would be perfect for someone, I queue it and if I’m feeling particularly weak, I pull yarn out of my stash to cast on…and if I don’t have the yarn, I go to the store. I know.

It’s a good thing I’m not on a yarn diet. And I’m relatively weak willed when it comes to yarn and knitting and gifts for people who I think would love them.

So let this serve as a reality check. I CAN’T CAST ANYTHING ELSE ON!!! At least until I finish something. Anything. Let’s check in. Here are the gifts I began…

A hat for my brother-in-law’s girlfriend. We were talking over Thanksgiving while I was knitting on the next project and I offered to knit up something he had in mind. After a little pattern searching I came across the Tweedy Honeycomb Toque by Kent Turman. It’s free on Rav and I figured I could tweak it by adding an additional color into the “comb” part.



I’m using some Berroco Vintage Chunky and I’m stranding the colors behind…only problem is that its a little tight and the second color is really, really popping forward. I was hoping it would have fallen back more. And I probably should have made a better effort to keep my floats loose. I’ve already ripped once, I may have to do it again…here’s a link to my Rav page.

Next up the the black hat for my other brother-in-law I told you guys about last week, the Jacques Cousteau Hat. Well, I did a little ripping there and rethinking. While I don’t want to change the rib or the hat decreases, I wanted the piece to be more versatile. Enter this version of a Balaclava by Jacki Kelly and I tweaked my original.


It’s ready for the bind off for the eye slit. This thing is not too far from being finished. I’m using Universal Yarn’s Deluxe DK Superwash in Ebony. It’s not as pure a black as I’ve seen, but the details do disappear when in the wrong light.

I’ve also got two other projects that I started a while ago and want to finish those up. Like the Array Cowl I started. I ran into a road block with this project. It was about a week ago. And I was knitting away and I kept hearing a creaking sound. I check the joins in my interchangable needles, everything was still screwed in tight. Then, “pop” the cable popped out of the join. I need to send them in ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


So I bought some more needles and got it switched over. Its just a little tedious with all the slipped stitches but it is nice and mindless and I love the colors!

Another project that I’ve had on the needles for far too long is a scarf for my sister-in-law.


This was featured in a few early blog posts as the Skinty Stripe Scarf. It’s Purl Soho’s Diagonal Pinstripe Scarf. I saw this featured on their blog and new it would be perfect for my sister-in-law. Only hang up? It’s laceweight yarn on US Size 3 needles.

But I did finish up some baby socks to go with Payton’s Wee Envelope Sweater. I knit these in one day!!


That hasn’t totally stopped me from working on things for myself…like my Settler Shawl


And there is the predicament of these socks. I’ll tell you about later this week…

And I may be pondering casting on a Rikke hat for myself out of some lovely Malabrigo Rios and my Turia Sweater…I even wound the yarn because I have zero self-control. I can at least take a little comfort in at least not casting on yet. That’s not to say that I don’t have needles and patterns at the ready.

Don’t worry, I’m not just thinking about me for future knits, I have yarn to make Payton another sweater and my other niece Nora has requested a scarf in her “colors.” How can I say no?

Plus I’m thinking about frogging a few things.

Bah! Humbug!

(not really, I love the holidays!!)

What about you? Have you given in to the gift knitting bug??


v’s & bumps,


Enable Me Please!!

Monday I mentioned that fellow bloggers have been oh-so-kind and generous lately. I thought I’d share just what their favor has brought me…

First up, Kat at Knittin’ in the Sun ran a giveaway for her 100th post!! She was generously donating a pattern of your choice under $10 on Ravelry. Kat very kindly gifted me the Daybreak Shawl pattern by Stephen West. I’m planning to make this with some Mini Mochi I received in a swap package back in August paired with some Tibetan Cloud Fingering.


Next, Christina at Feel Good Knitting interviewed Sashka Macievich of SashkaKnits for the Indie Gift-A-Long. Christina and Sashka very kindly donated a pattern to one lucky commenter and it turned out to be me!! I love Sashka’s Auberge Shawl and am definitely looking forward to searching the stash for a lovely to knit up ๐Ÿ™‚



Maybe the Holiday Flock Sock in Queen of Hearts red…or the Susquehanna Sparkle Sock in the Trumpet colorway which has a nice strand of shimmer running through the peachy pink..or maybe my most recent purchase of some Dyeabolical Tenacious Sock in the Raja grey color. Any of these would make a gorgeous Auberge shawl…I just have quite a few WIPs to finish and needles to clear up before I can start something new.

Last bit of generous bloggery, Sarah from A Little Knitย just posted about some of her favorite blogs to read here and I made the cut!! Sarah says, “Jenna’s blog is full of tasty looking yarns and the intricate projects that she is working on.” So kind ๐Ÿ™‚ She also highlights Pia of Noget Uldent, Tahnee of Woollen Wilderness, and Nadia from Abso-knitting-lutely.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Sarah over at her blog, A Little Knit, I highly recommend it. She is a self-taught knitter and crocheter who is so relatable. I love reading about her fearless adventures into pattern modification on the fly and the challenges she works through on her super cool patchwork blanket. She’s definitely someone I enjoy hearing from and find her work super cool and inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

Since it is a WIP Wednesday, I thought I’d give you a quick update on the thing I enjoy working on the most…I’m about 2/3 of the way through the garter portion of the shawl and I’m absolutely loving it! Behold, The Settler Shawl!!


Pair these sweet giveaways with all the sales going on around the internet for the holidays and you’ve got yourself a habit…the habit of spending too much, casting on too much, and reading blogs too much.

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


v’s & bumps,


Linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams, Stitch Along Wednesday over on Life & Yarn, and Whatcha Workin’ On Wednesday over on iKnead2Knit.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?


You remember this book from childhood right? From very early on, we are taught to take notice of the visual world around us. Humans are quite the visual species. In fact, I’m sure there is some crazy statistic I could insert here to make it seem like people are heavily influenced by the things they see. Instead, I’m just going to rely on your brains to either confirm or deny this.

Regardless, I’m visual. I look around in my real world and my online world for information. I could just be driving to the grocery store or cruising around Ravelry for the next thing(s) I’d like to knit. What appeals to me? What stands out? Interesting things. I like to see things that are out of the ordinary.

I like geometric shapes. I see them in stitches, especially the repeating shapes in fences or floors or leaves or flowers or bedspreads. I am often struck by super rich colors. Blues that you can fall into or golden yellows that make you feel warm.

Since immersing myself in the knitting world in May, I find that I’m looking at the everyday world searching for knits. I want to see knitting patterns in a trellis design or colors in the produce section at the grocery store. I may be obsessed.

But I am also not an original. Some many knitters and designers are out there translating the everyday into knits. I so admire this! I queue patterns often because of their beautiful geometric or natural designs that I feel like I’ve seen in the world recently. Pair that with the picture of the sample knit in some saturated color and I’m plopping that into my Ravelry purchase basket faster than the sun can set this winter! Sometimes, I feel like these designers are living my life and seeing what I’m seeing and making them into beautiful knit wear.

For instance the beautiful Onward Shawl by Shannon Cook of the VeryShannon blog is something I’m super drawn to. I love the geometric arrow shapes and feel like I’ve seen that recently on a trip (somewhere but I can’t remember where). Maybe they are just around me like on my knitting bag.


And the Ambrosia Cardigan by Gudrun Johnston. The gorgeous traveling stitches in the yoke of this remind me of my old bedspread. Plus one of the samples is knit in this gorgeous golden yellow. Can you feel the warmth??



Not to mention the Clinquant by Lisa Mutch of Northboundknitting. It’s like concrete on a well-loved playground where kids drag their dirty feet through the mud before running over to play four square.


What did I tell ya, texture, texture & color, and color…get me everytime!!

I didn’t realize how tough it is represent the world in knitwear until I tried to do it myself. I’ve got a few ideas bouncing around in my brain, ready to show up in yarn.

So I pulled out some yarn, a notebook, needles, stitch markers, old notes I’d made and cast on. I knit a few inches. It’s not what I’m thinking it should be. Rip. I cast on again. This time with a garter tab. Potential…but it’s growing too slow and too pointy. I don’t want pointy. Rip. At this point I chickened out.


I flew to Ravelry. I searched shawls I have in my library. Nothing to help there. I searched shawls in the pattern search. Free. Crescent. Not that circular…I find a few helpful ideas, like a set-up row (doh!) and then I start to question.

Where does my idea begin and another person’s end? If I use a general shawl recipe for the garter/stockinette body, can I claim it as my own work if I mix up the border? How will I make the border design grow proportionally to the increases in the crescent? Should I start this from the top or the bottom?

If I start from the top, how will I know how many stitches I need to start my patterned portion? Wait, didn’t I read something somewhere about Pi increases? Crap. And if I start from the bottom, do I really want to cast on ALL those stitches?

Long story short, designers: you amaze me! How do you combat this in your brain? Is this a fear thing? Am I just afraid to cast-on and go for it?

Maybe. Probably. I don’t want it to be wrong. And by wrong, I mean I want it to look like what I think it should look like in my head.

Here is the problem with that: there are times, in my knitting life and my real life, where I am following the directions for something and thinking, “no way is this going to turn out like the picture!! how is this part going to do that?? maybe I should just toss this or rip this and start over…” But usually something inside my brain also fights back and says, “NO! JUST KEEP GOING!!!”

And usually, it turns out just as the chef or designer or Siri intended it to. I just have to trust and keep going.

Is that how this designing process is going to work?

I am going to put my money on NO since I’m the one calling the shots. I guess we shall see.

Until then, my Two Grey Dogs Schnauzer Snuggle awaits.



v’s & bumps,


Whatever, Whatever I Do What I Want.

Monday Musings

Since today is Monday, I thought I’d do a little post about some of the updates here on the blog and where I’d like to go with this in the future. I have a hard time setting firm dates since my working situation and personal inspiration tend to ebb and flow.

One of the first updates is a revamping of the title pictures. Initially they were hand-drawn. I had a very hard time photographing them without shadows. So I’m taking close-ups of some of my beautiful stash and putting the words I need on them using the Paint program. I’m not perfect, but I’m learning ๐Ÿ™‚

Second update is the “Blogs I Read” page that I added to the Menu bar. I have noticed that some of my readers find me from other blogs, namely from comments I leave or that blog’s “blogs I read” little menu. I had a menu of some wordpress hosted blogs that were in my right sidebar, but that wasn’t nearly all the blogs I follow on Bloglovin. Plus, I wanted to return the favor of those who put my blog in their section. I went through my Bloglovin roll and posted links and little blurbs I found from the blogs about pages.

I know it looks like a lot and it is, but remember that not all blogs post everyday. Some only post weekly so it doesn’t completely overwhelm me. Also, some of the designers only post sporadically when they release a design or appear at events. I like to follow them because I get those updates when they happen. If you have a blog and would like to be added to the page, you can leave a comment on this post or on the “Blogs I Read” page in that comments section.

I also added an FO page. I will start adding to this page this week. I thought about doing a WIP page, but that takes a lot to update regularly. If you’d like to check up on my WIPs, you can head to my Ravelry projects page.

Next update involves really being inspired to design something. I’ve been waffling back and forth in my brain about actually starting a design. Here are my hang-ups:
1. I just started really seriously getting in to more complicated knitting about a year ago. My experience with really paying attention to patterns is still new. I keep reading blog and forum posts about keeping the language in the patterns universal and clear so that any knitter can read and understand it. I’m not sure if I’ve knit enough patterns to have this come across in my writing!
2. I hate swatching. And to really see how the yarn will behave for my design, I should swatch. I love to just cast on for a project and go. This does backfire occasionally when I’m a few inches into a project and totally hate the fabric or how it’s knitting up. Then I realize I could have avoided this by simply swatching beforehand.
3. I am just not quite sure where to start. As I type this, I’m realizing I should start with a swatch. So that reason is officially not valid. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think putting some aspects of a design on this blog may help to build my confidence and keep me motivated. In fact, reading all the blogs on knitting and life has been what inspired me to think about designing something myself. I’m thinking a shawl or cowl using these yarns:


It’s Madeline Tosh Tosh DK in Briar (purple), Saffron (copper), and Parchment (creamy grayish). I know that’s a lot of colors and yummy-ness and yards. But they have been haunting my thoughts!

Speaking of thought-haunting, I’ve been thinking about knitting ALL THE TIME! I know I keep saying this, but it really is the season. And my yarn cabinet is definitely an enabler. Not to mention I did just hop on the podcast bus. So its all I can think about.

Anyway, I’ll give a better update of my projects on WIP Wednesday.

What about you? Have any inspiration updates??


v’s & bumps,