A 2 Year Blogiversary??

So it looks like I just missed my 2 year Blogging Anniversary…or perhaps a Blogiversary? I am saddened that I have had to take some time away from this space. I’ve been trying to keep up with this wonderfully digital fiber world on Instagram…a quick, little taste of what everyone seems to be working on. I guess that’s what happens when you start searching for jobs, interviewing, and taking an online class for continuing education.

Something’s Gotta Give 🙂 Just so happened that it was here that fell off. I’ve missed this place and my connections with you guys!

So I’m coming back! I think maybe once a week for now, but we’ll see!

I know what you really came here for…not these silly excuses and such, but the knitting.

Without further ado…


How about those socks from the Weekly WIP #6 post??


I finally did recount, redo the gusset increases and turn some heels! I did this on the trip down to Memphis for BBQ Fest in May…just took me about a month and a half to pick those back up! Now I’m in the home stretch! Working my way up the leg.

These are my purse knitting…as a quick reminder, they are the Strie Socks (Toe-Up version) from Lara Neel’s Sock Architecture out of Zitron Trekking in the Tobago colorway.


Anyway, I’ll keep it brief and just know that I feel like I’m coming home.


Picture Perfect

I don’t normally take pictures. Of anything. Ever. Unless I’m planning to showcase it in a blog post and even then, it’s after I’ve written the post. I’ll pull out whatever projects and yarn I need to really complete the post.

It’s funny because when I was in college, I had the nickname “Party Pics.” When I’d be at parties, I’d just snap away without even looking through the viewfinder or the screen…tons of candid shots of people dancing, drinking, talking, smiling. I loved snapping those photos because it gave me a real sense of what the night was about, how it felt, the people who were there, having a great time, not “posing” for photos with their best smiles and best hair flips and best sides and what not. It felt real.


I love coming across those photos now. It reminds me of silly games, bad dance moves, and honest if not slurred conversations. (This is from a friend’s wedding, I love it since weddings seem to have the most pictures that are posed.)

I don’t do that anymore. Perhaps I don’t live that lifestyle any more…it’s probably for the best since I’m sure my liver would object to consuming alcohol that many nights a week for this many years in that amount (use your imagination here). But I do miss the honesty.

All this to say, I don’t take pictures. 🙂 I need to make a better effort.

I was reminded when my 4-year-old niece commandeered my phone and was snapping away without a care in the world. I got it back from her later that evening filled with pictures of her swimsuit, her bunny, her brother, the tv, the floor, the ceiling, me…here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_1799 IMG_1863

I’m putting these in like I found them on my phone. As a reminder to find the beautiful in the candid. As a reminder to snap away more frequently, without being hesitant, without wondering if I look silly, without worrying if it will make my life look less than “Instagram Perfect.”


I’m hoping to do my best to give you more candid knitting as well…speaking of less than perfect…

Remember those Bootstrap socks that looked like this?


So after I finished up the Technicolor Socks last Friday, I went to turn the heel on the Bootstrap sock so I could have something mindless. I opened up Sock Architecture and started reading about the heel turn. It involves knitting a heel flap and I was trying to figure out where the little garter “straps” would ride in relationship with the heel…I looked at the pattern picture and it looks like they ride on the heel side of the gusset stitches, I read the directions and it was saying to work the heel over the first half of the stitches only my garter straps weren’t both in the first half of the stitches….


so I ripped back. It was actually a much bigger pile, but you get the idea of kinky yarn that’s been knit…what’s better than a little mindless knitting on the leg of a sock on lovely Dreamz US 1 with some squishy (and sturdy) Mountain Colors Crazyfoot sock yarn?


I even got to knit on these while those cuties from earlier bounced around on a few bouncehouses at this huge indoor thing! Wish I would have snapped a picture :/


When life sends you to the frog pond why not enjoy the journey back?

What about you? Any little setbacks in your knitting recently?


Getting There

So we knit and knit and knit, but sometimes the things stay on the needles! I can’t understand why even after all the stitches (I think) I put onto these lovely Technicolor Socks, I still feel like I’m a few rows from actually starting the toe decreases on the right sock!! I think the left sock is ready.



Maybe I’ll blame it on my long toes. Or on the US 0 needles.

Maybe I shouldn’t blame them at all. It’s so nice to have a mindless knitting project to cart around in my purse that’s not huge (here’s looking at you Turia)


or doesn’t need a book to travel with it (Bootstrap Socks that are ready for the heel)


or doesn’t need to be really looked at every stitch (Curl #2 Cerise)


or isn’t turning out like I think I want (Colour Change Scarf)


or isn’t a general pain in the bum (Skinty Stripe Scarf) with a kitty supervisor


or doesn’t need a chart, pencil, row counter and complete silence (Catkin Shawl)…


That’s all the current WIPs and most of them are not travel worthy…maybe I should just finish these socks and turn the heel on the Bootstrap Socks so I can have more things to travel with and some empty needles?

Or the alternative…

I could start something new! Maybe keep it in line with my Love Your Library Challenge and work on a Curl or another pair of socks from Sock Architecture? I could go and check out all the lovelies at Keep Calm & Craft On for inspiration…

What would you do in this situation, keep your nose down and finish or venture into the stash for something fresh and new?


Knitting it UP!!

The stash! And the WIPs! And the WIP stash!!! I’m trying to stay away from spending money and knit some of the beautiful things I already have. My stash is gorgeously curated…from travels and impulses, I feel so inspired when I look at my cabinet! I’m trying to refrain from casting on though and just working through my WIPs…old and new!

In fact, I’ve been working pretty hard to finish things up. I know I’ve featured this cute little hat, the Aviatrix. But I actually technically finished it since I put the super cute button on!


And I’m working on weaving in the ends on my awesome 3 Color Cashmere Cowl.



And I’ve been tackling these Technicolor Socks…I’m about an inch away from starting the toe decreases and I’m excited to explore some toes in Lara Neel’s Sock Architecture. That’s where I got the heel from. Shout out to the Love Your Library Challenge!!!


I’m so loving the way the fabric looks…It’s some gorgeous Pagewood Farms Denali Sock Yarn in the Sky Blue Pink colorway.


And of course, I’ve been working on the Turia Sweater. I’m loving it and I so want to wear the thing…we’ve had a couple of cooler days (55-66 degrees Fahrenheit) that would make wearing this linen blend sweater so cozy without being hot.


I wandered out onto the front steps to take these photos in the fading daylight…so much better than trying to capture them inside where I can’t seem to get enough light!

Head on over the Snapdragon Crafts to see how everyone else’s Love Your Library Challenge is coming 🙂

Or to Nicole’s Keep Calm & Craft On 🙂

Until next time!


A Journey in Socks

Let me start by saying that I knit on more than just this sock over the course of last week while I was visiting my awesome friend, Brenna, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was inspired by several posts I’ve seen lately where people post their sock progress on a plane or other trip. So here we go!


I started my journey in Salt Lake’s airport.


An hour later, I landed in Las Vegas for a 2 hour layover. I didn’t have the pattern with me and was “winging” it. I didn’t like the way the garter stitch sections were turning out so I ripped back to the ribbing before the next flight.


I took this last photo about 20 minutes before we landed in St. Louis. I knew I wouldn’t be patient or aware enough to take one when we touched down.

I bought this yarn on my first day in Salt Lake at a cute little shop called Kamille’s in Gardner Village. I wish I had a taken a picture of the quaint cabin that housed some beautiful yarns, but if you click the name it will take you to their website.

I’m using some Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in the Springtime colorway on US 1s (2.25mm) and it’s the Bootstrap Sock pattern by Lara Neel from Sock Architecture! My project page.

Even though I have enough knitting to keep my busy for months, I just had to have some small amount brainless knitting 🙂 Who can resist socks in this super springy base??


v’s & bumps,