The Time That Flies

It’s a thing! I swear! Now if you ask me where the time flies to…I’m not sure, but it isn’t here any more! It is mid-July. I am feeling recovered from the school year. In fact, yesterday I went to the school’s webpage and a few of my students’ pictures were on the page. I had to actually stop and think very hard about a few of their names. It’s amazing what the brain will “dump” when the necessity is gone 🙂

I’ve taken a few classes this summer and helped out some at a summer camp. Jordan and I are gearing up for a vacation to South Dakota very soon. I’ve finished several projects and now I need to sort out my knitting to take on this trip!

One of the fun things that has been released from my needles is Nora’s Harvest Cardigan!


Just in time for her 7th birthday. I knit the 7-8 size and its a little big. Which is perfect since it’s JULY and a zillion degrees…who wants to wear a sweater now!? Regardless, she loved it. That made my heart sing. Her favorite is the rainbow around the bottom hem 🙂


I finished the Bootstrap Socks which have been kickin’ around for about 3 years.


A few hats, a baby sweater…I’ve got a few more in the works. Seems like all my friends are expecting.

In other news, I completed a Whole30! I didn’t die. In fact, I feel pretty good! I’m still slowly re-introducing foods, but mostly eating Whole30. I’ve lost a few pounds. That feels good. It took a while for the “Tiger Blood” to kick in, but now it just feels like everyday.

This summer is scooting by way too fast. I’m hoping to get some planning work for school done before school starts again. Ah…just where did the time go!


3 thoughts on “The Time That Flies

  1. Congrats on the sweater, socks and other finishes! Especially the whole 30. The first one is rough but after that it gets to be routine. I finished one this summer and start the next later this week. If it weren’t for ice cream, I would say summer is the best time to do it!

  2. Harvest is a great sweater. I love the way you added color.
    I am not yet recovered from the school year. But then, I’m special ed, and that just hasn’t been a good place lately!
    Enjoy South Dakota. I’ve never been but it’s on my bucket list!

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