5KCBWDay1: A WIPs Point of View

I’ve been sucked into the blogging black hole! There are so many blogs to read and tweets to follow that I’m running out of hours! During a trip down the rabbit hole yesterday, I came across Eskimimi Makes’ 5th Annual Knit & Crochet Blog Week! (click the link to learn more)


Basically it’s a community blogging event where bloggers from all over the world post for a week on the same topics. It’s meant to get creativity going and to connect people. Those are definitely 2 things I’d like to happen for me so I’m diving in. It’s a little last minute, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

So for today’s topic: Day One (Monday 12th May): A Day In The Life. Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made, or are in the process of making.


Hi! I’m the Skinty Stripe Scarf Jenna started about 2 months ago. She saw the link to my momma pattern on the Purl Bee and thought I’d be perfect for her sophisticated lawyer sister-in-law. I’m so lofty and springy in this alpaca and silk blend (CEY’s Silky Alpaca Lace), but by damn I’m a skinty little lady. I was started at the corner and Lord Almighty if I’m only growing 1 stitch every time those needles click down and back…


THEN, that girl put me down the moment someone else’s birthday came along in March and she hasn’t touched me until today when she wanted to get a good picture of me. She only knit a row because she wanted to get a good shot and make it look like I’m actually growing. I don’t know what game she thinks she is playin at, startin all these projects AFTER she started me! It’s just not fair! It’s not my fault I’m such a slow grower! She’s the one who chose me! I can’t help it that I’m on size 5 needles! I’m really pretty! See!!!


Please, Jenna!! Knit on me! I know I don’t have any stripes yet, but if you work on me I promise I’ll grow!! If you’d only pay me some attention…


Skinty Stripe Scarf

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