Take Time to Knit :)


After racking my brain for a suitable Technique Tuesday, I decided to revisit a post I made very early in this blog. It was this post about knitting faster and potentially learning to continental knit. It was during my first few posts and I ran it at the same time as the 5th Annual Knit & Crochet Blog Week hosted by Eskimimi Makes ( totally cool, fun project that I’m so glad I participated in). Long post short, I was thinking about learning to knit continental so that I could knit faster. I received from sage advice from Kaiya at Winterlime KnitsΒ and that was to simply spend time knitting instead of browsing Ravelry & blogs wishing I could knit faster so I could cast on all the beautiful projects I was seeing.

I think it’s the best advice I’ve received ever when it comes to knitting. Anytime I think I want to cast on something more or want to learn something new or wish I had more handknit things, I remember to just sit down and spend time knitting πŸ™‚


Since doing this, I have finished a couple of awesome projects and made some progress on others like my Follow Your Arrow shawl that is holding onto my size 6 32″ for dear life πŸ™‚


Just wanted to share a short post and some encouraging words that have done me good πŸ™‚


v’s & bumps,


8 thoughts on “Take Time to Knit :)

  1. i so agree! people are always commenting on how fast i knit—–it’s just that i knit ALL THE TIME!!! (and all that practice does increase the speed just a wee bit!!!!)

  2. Wow, I’m flattered. I would hardly call it sage advice, especially as I’m scarcely following it myself now! I’m glad that you’ve benefited by it though!

    1. Knitting seems to work that way πŸ™‚ As soon as I come across a technique I’d like to learn, I have a hard time following through since there are so many other things I want to cast on for!

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