Ode to August

This is a rare post. I actually wrote it last night while trying to fall asleep. I don’t normally plan any sort of post ahead. Usually I sit down to write and just bang one of these out 🙂 So here is what I wrote last night and I don’t think I’m going to really edit it, but we shall see.

MONDAY musing 2

I don’t know what it is about August that makes it feel like change is good. It’s like you are deeply ready for some sort of change, whether its a season or going back to school or a scenery or job or whatever. August just feels right for change. Almost more so than New Years. In August, its still warm and the days are long. It feels like you’ve got so much time. Time to make changes in the day light. I’m feeling it. In everything.

Maybe it’s because I am so used to a new beginning with school as a former teacher or with volleyball season as a former coach. And I’m missing those changes. This is the second year in the last 22 years I’m not going back to school either as a student or a teacher and it’s the first year in the last 14 years I’m not a part of a volleyball program. Woah! Time sure does fly.

As if I didn’t have enough change a month ago, leaving Louisville for St. Louis, but that change felt good and necessary. We are near family that we get to spend time with quite frequently like a fish fry of the tasty guys we caught on a trip to a trip to golf and Fast Eddie’s. August change is different.

I feel a change in my knitting. I finally cast on and knit a few inches of a garment! The first one I am making to fit me. Check it out, it’s the Whispers top.


I also have been trying in earnest to whittle down my WIP pile even though my hands are literally itching to start some socks. And I have tons of yarn I could use 🙂


I even blocked my last FO for goodness sake!


Maybe it’s August, maybe I’m maturing (haha) or maybe I’m just more inspired by all the other knitters and crocheters I come across whether it’s perusing Ravelry or catching up on my blog feed or meeting some wonderful women at the St. Louis Knitters Guild. My confidence has grown immensely with all the kind, thoughtful, encouraging, helpful, words I’ve received here on the blog and in person. I feel like I can tackle these bigger projects.

It’s funny how people so many miles apart from different family lives and normals and situations and generations are all brought together through the fiber arts (knitting/crocheting/spinning/dyeing/weaving/felting/tatting/what-have-you-yarn-craft). I love it and I’m so happy to be a part of this community.

Wow, I’m getting cheesy these last 2 posts. I need to work on that! Maybe that’s a side effect of August too. All the change helps you to feel grateful for everything you are a part of. Anyway, a little deeper than expected, but definitely on my mind as I am not entering the classroom for a second August in a row.

Anyone else feel a good wind of change in August or is it just me?


v’s & bumps,


6 thoughts on “Ode to August

  1. August and September are the end and beginning of the year for me too. Like you, the academic calendar has dominated my life for so long that it feels more real than New Year’s. It probably helps that my birthday is in mid-August, and it feels like the perfect time to reinvent myself.

    Your Whispers looks gorgeous so far! I’m also having trouble focusing on mine and keeping myself from casting on a few pairs of socks. 🙂

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